Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Don't worry Mother, I had (and still AM having! haha... yes. Easter Monday) a very hoppy easter. My companion thinks the name 'Easter' is stupid. He doesn't understand why the holiday would be called something that is 'more east,' but whatevs. It is called Pâques in French, and in Malagasy they just take all the french names and gasy-fy it, so it's Paka, or Paska. I don't know why they put an 's' in it sometimes. We honestly really didn't do anythings all too special for the holiday. The big party town for this holiday is in Antsirabe, and I am not there this year. Last year, sure thing, but I am older and wiser. I can't be apart of such parties anymore. I am a dignified office elder. It's been a pretty good couple of days though. We ate a nice meal with some of our investigators yesterday, and I have been paying for it this morning with frequent bathroom visits, but that's just all part of the fun. The meal was actually pretty good though. Joelyn, the wife, made some nice curry chicken with rice. Elder Mocellin made a pear cake which we shared with them. All in all it was a very nice meal. I can't really think of anything else we specifically did for the holiday though. We just worked hard and tried to teach people about Christ. I guess that's all we need to do.
We are planning a really nice activity with our ward here in Betongolo for the 13th of April. We are focusing on the members and trying to help them all have their own missionary experiences. That's the real key, you know. If missionarries are the only ones doing this work, we are just a bunch of lone wolves in the forest. Pointless. We need the members to take the recent converts and investigators. They must take them and nourish them; to love them. It's a big world out there.
You were in a ranting rampage rejecting passing through Salem during the last weekend of March due to the color festival (which I am stoked on because I'm not going to miss another again). You asked how to say 'no' in Malagasy, to which I reply 'tsia.' That is how you say it.
Tsia. (ts-ee-uh)
You asked me why the color festival is so popular. It's just the thrill of everything. I don't really know what that means, but that's just what it is.
Everything here in Madagascar is going well though. 
Here is a message from my ol MTC companion and Mahajanga bro Elder Fox:
Hello Elder Bergeras Family. this is elder fox, your son is doing great. he is having a fun time in this wild place. this is a english keyboard and i am used to using a french one. so thats fun. thanks for making a awesome kid and companion. okay i think thats all but have a fun day. ta ta for now

So there you go. There is a message from the great Elder Fox. I seem like I can't just get away from this kid my entire mission. Although we aren't in the same house this time, we are in the same district anyway. I love this kid so much. 

I am sending a picture I took from the window of a bus we rode last week. So there you go.

Peace y'alls.

Elder Bergera

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