Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Okay, so I literally have about four minutes to write this letter, so I don't know how much I will be able to get acrossed.
I just barely sent out a written letter to you so hopefully you will get that before mothers day. That at least was the hope in writing it and getting it out at this time. Just let me know what happens. I already told you that I got the package though, right? I loved it. I am putting those shoe insoles to good use and I swear those cadburry chocolate easter eggs were the best chocolate ever. Kind of a weird chocolate. Like, not an everyday type of chocolate you know? Very good. Thank you for that as well. I have been eating those little heart candies little by little; carefully observing what they say before eating each one. The one I ate last night said 'Fax Me' which I thought was totally appropriate for this century. It took me back to my days of faxing all those ladies back in the day. Wow. Those really were the days.
Okay sorry, I am wasting all my time being weird (lol though). We had an awesome ward activity on Saturday here in the Betongolo Ward. All the members are going out on trying to get new investigators and we had 39 investigators at our activity. It turned out super great. Now the only trouble is trying to get in contact with them all again and get some progress going. Definitely nice.
I am really looking forward to conference this weekend though. It's kind of been on the highlighted mode of my mind. Yessss.
Hey mom, can you perhaps send me a list of all the different colors you and your sisters are? I cant remember all of them. Not for any reason though. Just curious. :3
okay, that'll be it for this round
I'll catch you on the upper crest
Elder 'Slitherscales and Ratted Tails' Bergera
ps. I hit my 'chick mish' haha. Cool.

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