Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey Mom!
Okay, thank you for the list of colors. It will come in handy. For what?? Oh, I don't know..
Yeah I heard about all the bombs and the factory explosion. It's pretty crazy! It's kind of weird how fast news travels around the world too. They told us at the office meeting we attended early last week. I don't really know of the specifics (obviously), but it is just one of those randoms acts of terror that remind us of how fragile this life is. Even the random guy who cut my hair is a rickety wooden shack this morning had heard about it, and we talked about it for a little bit. 
And how about that little earthquake! I feel like Chelsie is always the one to feel those things.. That big one is sure coming one of these days! It is twenty thousand years overdue you know!
I don't really know what else to talk about that though.
In other news, we have a transfer coming in hot here up in Betongolo. My current companion, Elder Mocellin, is being transferred to an area called Ankorandrano, which is here in Antananarivo still. That means I will be getting a new companion! My new companion is Elder Lambsen. Elder Lambsen will be finishing his mission up in June, so it looks like I will be his last companion and I will be here a good while. Honestly I wouldn't mind if I just stayed here til the end, but I guess we'll see, haha. I am excited for my new companion though, he seems like a really good guy. He's been serving in Maritius (that's a whole different island country here within 
 the mission boundaries) for nearly a year now. I will miss ol' Elder Mocellin. He cracks me up, but sometimes he drives me nuts lol jk ;)
We said goodbye to my driving school teacher today. Elder Barclay, the AP (assistant to the president), is leaving to go back to Reunion today, and then after two more days he will be heading on a long plane ride home! He's finished! I'll miss that kid, for he taught me the way of the clutch well, but he said he'll come to my homecoming so it's all right. I guess that's coming up fairly soon now right? haha, I don't want to think about that yet.
Conference went really well. Every time someone started to say a prayer though, I always expected the translaters voice to come on and translate the prayer into Malagasy. Then I got slightly weirded out everytime it didn't, haha. I really really enjoyed conference though. I especially liked the one you told me about a few weeks ago; D. Todd Christofferson's 'Jean Valjean' reference. Waaay cool. It was only a matter of time before that was brought to a conference session anyway, and now the time is right. I would say my absolute favorite absolute classic would be President Monson's talk in the priesthood sesson. Booooom, the spirit. That's what it felt like.
Funny story: I ordered a little plaque off the side of the road at a odd street vendor. I ordered one that read 'Tsy Kivy' which means 'not frustrated/ not discouraged.' I thought it was simple and kind of cool. So I ordered one. Well we just went to pick it up and it was really crappily made. They have some nice sample ones hanging on the wall, but the one they made me was all messily painted and a bit of an eyesore. I was 'kivy.' The lady saw that and she said she'll try to make me a new one, so we'll see what happens. I guess if i want to by a 'tsy kivy' sign I shouldn't be so easily kivy, but hey, I want quality, you know? The guys were really nice about it, and I don't know if it was cause I am a vazaha or what, but hopefully it'll get all sorted out, haha.
Things are going really well for one of our investigator families. Lala and Tatiana are one middle aged couple we are really working with. Tatiana (the mom) and all their kids are really diligent and always come to church, but just these last few months Lala, the husband, has been showing an interest. We've set a baptism date with them for May 25th, so any added prayers on their behalf would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping that this great family can finally be baptized together!
I'd say that's about all I have to say though. I'll try to add some nice pictures for all of you view pleasure.
My companion is seen feeding the sheep.

Elder Mocellin loves scarfs.

Elder Barclay's last night.

Booof. .

This girl just jumped around my neck.

Elder Mocellin and I in Antananarivo.

This is Lala and Tatiana (and their kids Tania, and Sitraka)

Eating rice.

Taxi daze.

And that's all he wrote.

Elder Bergera

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