Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ho an' izay mety ho voakasik' izao:
Well I am glad you all are getting some nice rain. The rainy season is coming to a good close here, finally. Nah, it went by super quick this year actually. I am glad it is finishing up though. Being in Mahajanga while it rained a ton wasn't too bad honestly, but having to cram in a already waaay to full bus after being soaking wet is not my idea of a good time. It didn't even rain once this week though, so things are all good. The weather has just been moving back to the weird 'vadibadika' days, or, that is to say the weather consitantly changes from hot midday temperatures to chilly cold nights. It's way weird, but I don't mind it too much. 
This week has gone by pretty fast, just like all the others I suppose. We taught a way cool guy yesterday though. We tracted into late into last week, and only just yesterday were we finally able to get a good time with him. His name is Lanto and he is a fairly young father. His third child is just on the way. His work has something to do with America, but i honestly can't really remember what. He has one daughter who kept speaking french to us, which I thought was a bit annoying at first just cause everyone does that to us. At least my companion can understand (usually), but turns out that this girl only speaks French at school (it's one of those nicer schools) and so she just honestly isn't used to speaking Malagasy. I thought that was pretty funny, even though I honestly think that's one of the saddest parts about this country. At lot of the culture is lost in the 'higher class' things. There still are a ton of rich Malagasies, but yeah. This guy is way cool though. He told us that he watched a documentary once about the church and he asked us about Polygamy. My companion is a boss and explained the whole thing really well. I just think it was cool to teach a guy who has that much access media to find out about something like that. He was super nice about the whole thing too. He didn't scream it at us or anything, he just simply asked us what that was about. We invited him to a ward activity we've been planning these passed few weeks and he seemed really interested the go. the entire activity is based on the Restoration, so if he comes it could really make for an awesome time. 
Hey I just want you all to know that i have been typing this whole thing with the french keyboard. I have a new technic to typing. I will switch off from typing on the English keyboard setting to using the french keyboard setting. This way I can now say that I can not only speak two languages, but I can also type two different language settings fluently. It's a really useful skill that a lot of the big paying jobs look out for in an employée, so i am really glad I have been able to pick it up on my mission so far. Yeah okay fine I made that whole thing up, but maybe when I get home I will switch the home keyboard to the french one and that way only I will be able to effectively write with it. Yessss...
No but in all honesty things are going well. I am glad you at least got to catch a bit of conference. We here in the Indian Ocean are still patiently waiting for it. If what you said about one of the talks having a Les Miserables quote infused in there is true then woah buddy! We are in for a great conference!
That weekend will be a pretty big one. We'll be having yet another transfer than weekend and my companion has been here a good six months, so we can all expect a change happening over here in Betongolo.
Time is just a flyin' here on the mish. 
I'll be honest. Le stomach of mine is a bit on gnar-gnar level two mode. I fear we may be diving head first into level three mode here quick, but it's all good. Sometimes it's like playing door-door on a goofball night. You think you've swindled all the monsters in their individual swinging doors, but little do you know you're moving on to the next level where the monsters learn own whole new bag of tricks. Whoops!
When is mothers day? I'm about 100% sure I want to skype on that day. It should be pretty easy considering my position, but we'll see. That's coming up way quick though. I wouldn't even expect it!
Okay, that'll be it for now.
Seven days;
Elder Antonio Bernadino

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