Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh gosh, this is the third time I have started to write an email to
you cause the computer I was using kept crashing over and over again,
but now I am on the one Elder watts was using, so all is good now!
That's too bad those cards didn't work for very long, and we only
really got to talk for about 20 minutes, but I guess well try again
for May! Maybe by then you kind find a good way to be able to talk for
a solid amount of time, haha, no worries though.
But yeah, we are staying at a house! There is a gate in front of it,
and in the gate are four houses, and one of them is ours. It's pretty
cool. The shower is nice, and the toilet is definitely a toilet, so no
complaints there! The house is nice!! And yeah, we go proselyting and
stuff. The other day we passed by this guys house, and he welcomed us
in, just real nice like and all, which was cool! He gave us plums in
his house, and after the lesson he liked it so much that we went and
grabbed two of his friends and we gave them the lesson too, haha. a
back to back session!
I.ll try to look and notice if the drain in the sink goes the other
way or not, I havent really noticed it before, but I'll try to!!
Thats super fun you'll be eating pizza with the gang and all! have
fun! eat one piece for me! Sorry this email isn't very long, but after
trying to get this computer to work my time has gone up and I don't
want to pay too much, haha. I am going to la gastros to get ice cream,
and I can't be spending my ice cream money on computer money! haha.
Okay, next week I'll write a letter to jeff next week and I'll give it
to you to forward, okay? I am mega excited for Zachs letter!
He's almost at his year mark huh? Crazy stuff!
Well see wyatt off well, okay? He's joining the cause!
I am super excited for him!
Missions are good.
Okay, I'll write back next monday!
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Things are going pretty good down here! my p-day is on monday, so just one day earlier now. It's not too hot here, but when it gets humid it does suck, and it is definitely a lot hotter here than it was in Utah, haha. So far i have eaten a lot of rice and yogurt. Oh yeah, I'm not in the main capital, but in a provice called Antsirabe, which is pretty cool! The ride down here was super crazy though, I wasn't expecting it at all haha. We just crammed into a bus with a bunch of other malagasys and rode about 3 1/2 hours down here. My companion is Elder Watts. He has been here since August, so he hasn't been here to long, but he is much better at the language than I am (thank goodness haha). He was born (not literally born, but it was his first area) here too, so he knows the area pretty good. I get super lost all the time. But yeah, the language is.... uh.. coming along. haha. It'll definitely take a lot of practice and use before I can actually use it well enough to get by, but that's okay, i'll just practice it a lot then haha. The hardest part about is I can never understand what malagasys say, really. Like i can usually understand when a missionary says something, but I can't when they do, haha. I need to work on my hearing skills haha.
When I look out my window I see a bush. Oh yeah, and about the toilet swirl... well our toilet doesnt really swirl, it just sort of emptys and fills back up. haha. sorry for the disappointing news haha.
I've always wanted to feel tall all my life, but I was never tall enough. I had never been to madagascar. I usually have to duck into doorways now haha.
it's cool.
I'm mega excited for christmas!
okay, well thank you for the email and I look forward to the christmas package!
I love you!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So we just got here to the Mission home here in Madagascar! Ahhhhh!!!! Finally!! That was the longest flight/flights ever ever ever. So sorry we didn't really get to talk while we were in London, and that I didn't call while we were in South Africa. Our flight in london got delayed so we literally had to run through the johannesburg airport to catch our flight, haha. But after a loooooong couple of days, we are here! I can't really even believe it sometimes, but all is good!
Here in Antananarivo, there are these 3 line roads, but it's pretty much just a big free for all, and I loved it, haha. I would absolutely hate to drive on it, but riding through it was great! Dang.. I can't even really comprehend all the things I saw. It was just so much different than everything I am used to. I love it. The most.
I just got out of a little talk with the mission president, President Donnelly, and it was great! He's a super nice guy. I'm sort of bummed he'll be leaving in about 6 months. The very first thing they gave us when we arrived in the mission home was some nice fanta and these really good chocolatey-brownie type things. I am so happy. Things are good.
I feel so gross right now, I haven't changed clothes or shaved since monday morning.. ew... oh well.
Well I don't really know what else to say! I feel like I could say one million things right now! haha
Pray for me to help with the language!
I'll talk to you soon!
I love you!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Snow fall

Eric, Blake, Langi (Eric's companion) and me

They turned on the Christmas lights!

Thanksgiving '11

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I can't really think of anything I need in that final package really specifically.. things seem to be going pretty well! My teacher said it might be a good idea if I had a international calling card I could use to call you all, but I really don't know anything about those things at all. At all. So if worst comes to worst I'll just use quarters or something. Other than that, I can't really think of anything.
Okay, so I will be leaving on Monday (the 12th) at 8 am from here, and then we'll go to chicago, London, and then Johanessburg. and then to madagascar. We should arive in madagascar on wednesday a little after 2 pm. I'll let you do the math. Just kidding, It's around 52 hours, or something. Yeah, I'll be able to do the pouch thing, so all is well. Good work on the headbands! Haha shoot for 100! I'm glad you have enjoyed the Wild Man so much, it is our first feature presentation and we are very proud of it. I haven't started taking the pills yet, but I should in a few days. It'll be sweet. Eric left yesterday morning, which is a bummer but a blessing both. I'm mega stoked for him to get out into the real world of Missionary work. It's just Blake and me here now, and we both leave next week. Actually, Andres comes in tommorow, I almost forgot! Sweet.
Okay, well that's about it right now. I'm just trying to study the language super well before I have to jump into it head first. It's pretty good. Moztoa means 'be diligent' but it's a way of saying 'see you later' in a way.
Oh yeah, tell brittany that if a guy named Addison Damal Jenkins adds me of facebook, he's chill, you can add him. He's one of the Malagasy teachers. Super chill guy.
Okay, that is all.
Elder sweet stuff Bergera