Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All righty, first and foremost I guess I should tell you that I spelled Elder Lambson's name wrong, for it is an 'a' and not an 'o.' I really jumped to conclusions on that one. Anyways, to clear up any confusion though, that's they way you spell his name. Some Malagasies who are better at English call him 'lamb son' in malgasy. Laughs all around. Nah, he's a way good guy though. I really like my new companion. I don't remember if I told you this at all last week, but his mission will be ending in June, which is coming pretty close. He's doing way goood though to stay working hard and doing good. I am honestly really impressed. We haven't been working a full week together yet and I can already tell that this transfer is going to be a good one. I am also living with my trainer again, which has been super fun so far. Good ol' Elder Watts. He'll be also be going home in June. They go home june 26th actually, to be exact. That's the big Malgasy independence day, if you all remember you major Malagasy holidays like you should. Remember:
June 26th - Malagasy Independence Day
March 8th - Women's Day
May 1st - Labor Day
We've got all the holidays you need down here in Madagascar. 
Anyways though, our house is just full of great elders right now and everything is going well. 
My companion is from Provo though, as you were wondering. Pretty close to home! He's a good guy though. He is happy to be back here in Madagascar where the people are a bit more inclined to listen to our teachings than how they were in Mauritius. Not really that they don't listen, for apparantely they listen more than how the missionary work goes in Reunion, but here in Madagascar the work just goes super well. There is a pretty solid foundation in some of these older wards here in Antananarivo. Especially here in Betongolo. I have been loving serving here in Betongolo so far and I seriously hope that I will be able to be here for longer. I wouldn't be too surprised honestly if I were here until the end, haha. It's not too impossible. 
I will most definitely be needing one copy of the conference Liahona, thank you. They always take forever to get the liahonas here to the mission office. We just recently got the February issue.. haha, so yeah. I would very much appreciate if you wouldn't mind sending me an issue. Thank you ny mialoha. 
Thank you for the encouragement for the May 25th baptisms. I will invite anyone who would want to to pray for Lala and Tatiana, the two who will get baptised on that day, that they may be able to catch that day. Lala just has a bit of a problem with cigarettes still, but we are working with him on it. It should be a real good time. I am really looking forward to it. 
I am really glad you like the letter though. I would sure hope so!

That's all I have time for now though!

Secretly and Sincerely,

Elder Bergera

ps Blake goes home in November, if I am not mistakes, just to answer your question. Eric, Chase and I all in October, and Wyatt in December!

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