Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Salutations Daholo!

So here I sit, typing a letter in a cyber in downtown Analamahitsy as I slowly watch my few final hours of teenagerhood flee from before my eyes. I try to reach out. I try to call them back. Am I ready to be.. to be.. twenty? Unsurety fills me as I look to the faces of all those around me. All these.. adults. How did this happen? Could three years have already past since I prepared my young, innocent, long-haired self for my last year of high school? And seven since I entered into the 'crazy years' of life? Time is a beast. An unrelentless animal tearing away at my clock. So what now? I will blink and I'll be turning Twenty One. Okay, I can handle that. Then what? Doubled. Fourty. Time keeps going and flowing without a freckle of space showing. And yet, here I sit in this cyber. Downtown Analamahitsy. And it just keeps going.

Well I hope you all liked the intro to my upcoming book; 'Time Warriors II, Lazer Crusaders meet the Crunch Lady' coming to shelves October 2013. 
Okay, I'll quit being so weird. But seriously though, my birthday tomorrow! I've sort of been counting down the whole month. Maybe I should be like the other missionaries who forget about their birthdays and it goes by without them noticing. And maybe I could. But I could never forget about Harry Potter's birthday. Not in a thousand years, and the just happens to be the same day.. so therefore I didn't forget.
Anyway.. so how have things been this past week? 
Back on Saturday, while Marsh and I were waiting for a bus to take us back home, he said to me pointing to an area between two buildings, "I think I am going to go stand over here." "Okay" I replied, finding nothing immediately strange about that. As I watched him stand over there, I looked with amazement to see a quite spectacular fountain of vomit shoot out of his mouth. So yeah, he's been sick the last few days. He's better now though. We lead the culprit back to the pizza we ate for lunch on Saturday. I, too, at pizza, but did not get any similar affects from it. I guess that's just the luck of the draw.
Another point of interest of what happen this past week, one Elder who I have been living with these past three month, Elder Horsley, took of on a plane on thursday. He finished his mission! Anyway, there is one point in our area that is really good for watching planes take off from the airport. So we had just happened to be going there on Thursday at three, so we saw his plane take off from the airport. It was a pretty cool experience to see that happen. It was a neat experience. 
Anway though, I don't have too much to say this week. I added some pictures, so I hope you enjoy those. 
Hopefully that package will get here soon!
Try to think of some questions that I can answer next week, haha. I think I like replying to those more than trying to think of what to say. 
Oh yeah, I don't know where Kong Yen and his wife were yesterday, but they didn't come to church. I need to find them. They are still up for the 18th for their Baptism Date which I am still excited for. They are way cool. They got a new gate built by their house, so you know things are going well with them.
Anyway, I love you all long time!

Elder Bergera the Kong Yen finder.

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