Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What up in the hood?
Yeah, sorry about not writing to you last week Brittany, things just get mad busy sometimes and computer time disappears in seconds I swear. I will try to write you all now, even if it only a sentence or two, okay? haha and no, I haven't gotten the package yet, but It may or may not be at the office right now. I usually don't go until after I email. but I will thank you all before hand!
I really don't know what to tell you all this week though.. it's been a good week. 
Oh yeah, guess what? We got Kong Yen and his wife Etienne a baptism date for the 18th of August. That was the first date that sounded best for them, so it's good. I am really excited for it! We have about 10 people who have set a baptism date for that date, and I am praying that all of them will stay diligent for that date. That's just the problem here. I am sure there could be tons and tons of baptisms every week, but I just really want to make sure that the people I baptize are going to stay, you know? Just really finding and teaching diligent people. We've had kind of a miracle lately too. We teach this one family, and they have been fairly diligent. The mom comes to church pretty well, but the dad is sick ridden in bed (i wish the miracle was about him suddenly getting great health, but it's not.. yet), anyway, they have one daughter who was always kind of wishy-washy in lessons. Halfway there, halfway not. Aina is her name. Last sunday though, she came to church. She sure surprised me! And then yesterday she came again, and she's talked about how much she wants to be baptized now. I couldn't believe it! I love things like this, just seeing the change the gospel brings. Did I bring it to her? No way! There's no way I could change someone like this, only the holy ghost in someones life could bring that change; I just offer it to them. If they take it, sweet! And seeing people who accept it against your expectation is humbling. 
I would send pictures today, but everytime I plug a usb into this computer, it shuts down. Next week?
Next week.
An elder in our house goes home this week, so now his companion (Elder Morgan, from my mtc group) has a mini. That means he has a member who is preparing for his misson work with him for the time being. This mini missionary will be living in our house until at least August 22nd when the next transfers happen (transfer news last night, no changes here :D). It's way cool though, cause now he can help us make some way good malagasy food. Yesterday we had mankahazo and coco. Mankahazo is the roof of this tree, and when cooked with coconut, it is waaay good. I didn't really like it the first time, but I like it a lot now. And also, the other day he cooked tsaramaso (a type of bean) in a coconut sauce for the loaka of our rice, and had an excellent dinner. 
So I have been eating too well. 
So yeah, you know how it is. I am just keeping it easy. I have a goal to read the entire entiriety of scriptures. So far I have finished the book of mormon and a good chunk of the new testatment. I should be finished by the middle of August with the new testament. Then I'll be in a one-way battle with the old testament. Oh boy.
Well, I will try to send you some pictures next week. 
Thank you for your email and love and all of the goods!
I love you all!
My postcard offer still stands! and I was thinking about that actually, you could probably just send those pouch right? I don't know that address.. I don't remember it, but if it works than that just got about 60 cents cheaper! all the better! Do it! haha i'm so lame.
Eny ary.
Elder Iceberg

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