Tuesday, July 3, 2012

hEy mOmmMMMmm, 

Okay, so the three pictures in a really quick, non-descriptive manner:
1 - The departing Pres. Donnelly with the new incoming Pres. Adams
2 - Me with a (cooler in real life) tree
3 - An old fasana, aka tomb, in the cool zoo we went to today

So yeah, that's about it! We went to a zoo today in hopes that we would be able to get some lemurs to crawl all up on us, but all the lemurs in this zoo were in cages.. so next week we will try to go to a different park that apparently has free-roam lemurs. Coolstuff.
Things with Marsh have been going well. I have really liked training so far. Yeah, it pretty much makes me do all the talking for now, but ol' Marsh is already improving on the language which is way cool. And now, he has already been on the mission longer than the Mission President!! haha. He's just got the whole 'new missonary' view at it all, like it'll never end, but I keep telling him that my last eight months have gone by really fast, for they feel like they have! I always felt like i wasn't ready to train, but when it came, I found out I was ready, haha. It's good. Life goes fast out here, and before you know it one-third of your mission is already done! But yeah, he is way cool. I lucked out by getting a cool kid. 
But yeah, we went to a Zoo today, which I really enjoyed. They had a few crocodiles, but nothing close to what the crocodile farm had. This park basically just had a large amount of cranes that pooped on trees. You would've thought they painted the trees white. Speaking of crocodiles, I am going to try to get a miniture book of mormon binded in crocodile skin. It should be pretty cool. 
Anyway, it's 5:30 right now, the sun has set, and I need to get on my way. 
Thank you for all your love!
You da best!

I'll see you in half a fortnight.

"Under my Elder Bergera-era-era-eh-eh-eh"

Post Script: Oh yeah, I was thinking, if you ever did want to give me a birthday present for my birthday, I have thought of a few things which would be of great worth to me. G-2 pen refills, warheads (cause malgasy kids are fun to see eating warheads, haha. Marsh came with some and we gave them to some kids during our English class, haha. way funny), jellybellies (I thought about those the other day, and I don't know why buy they sounded soooo goood), and those Gellin' Dr. Scholls things (My shoes have been keeping pretty decent condition, all except for the inside soul. I don't know why, but it's been getting all gnar'd up. I guess I am just a hard walker. My belly's getting bigger... buy my legs are ripped up.) Also, and this is just a whatever thing, but I have heard a thing called 'perfect pushups' which caught my attention... so.. you know... if at all possible.. haha. I just want to try to work out more, cause I don't know why but I am gaining weight. I am about... 98% sure. But I want to get better at workout out, so.. yeah.

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