Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yay Johnny!

All right, so this week I had an idea. 
It's basically just a scam to get mail, but that's okay. Okay, I am doing an official postcard trade-off, which means for everyone that sends me a postcard from Utah/America, I will send you one from Madagascar! It's a deal! Yeah! Do it! Genuine Malagasy Pictures! haha, I just basically want postcards.. so.. yeah. That's the news for the week.

Elder Austin Bergera
Madagascar Antananarivo Mission
BP 5094
Antananarivo 101

^ I'll just put that there.^

Anyway, scam over. 
So how are you all doing? I'm doing good. This week has been a good one for sure. The pizza place buy our house moved locations... to be even closer to the house! haha, so it's pretty sweet. Also, Casa Pizza started making even more things than just pizza. They have one thing called.. well I don't remember.. it was french, but pretty much it is a ball of rice and loaka (the stuff they put on rice) and then deep fried into a ball of deep fried rice ball. It's sort of like America meets Madagascar in the culinary perspective. I'll try to take a picture of this little piece of wonder soon.
Other than that.. let's see.. Well I gave a talk in church yesterday! It was my first time giving a talk in Malagasy, so that sure was something. I really enjoyed it though, and it didn't seem too difficult. Like, it just felt like i was teaching a lesson at an investigators house, but just to a really big family, haha. Now, as far as how well I did? I'm not sure, but they seemed to understand it, haha. Fr. Fetra even quoted something I said in his priesthood quorum lesson, so I suppose that is a good sign. For some reason branch I am in now likes to have missionaries talk a lot more than my first branch did. It seems like about once a month now, but Marsh and I have already decided that next month will be Marsh's turn. It'll be good for him.
Sorry, no new pictures this week. I slacked pretty hard in picture taking this week, but don't worry. I am going into this week with a fresh new commitment to take as many pictures as I can. 
Kong Yen hasn't been baptized yet. He had to go out pretty far away recently to go do rice stuff, I am not exactly sure. Whether it was actually working the rice or what, I am not sure. But he should be back this week, and we'll give him baptism date for sure. I have also set up a time this week to go work with a lady to has been a member in our area for a really long time. Now really long here in Madagascar basically means 10 years or over. If you find people who were members back in the 90's... dang. That's pretty good. The church is still way new here. One thing our new President Adams said is that we are like the Pioneers of missionary work here in the country. It's just way new still, and one day he thinks it'll be as big as Brazil. But yeah, I am were with a member and I am going to start trying to visit a lot of less actives. Cause we have to support the members that we have before we try to get new ones! It's good though. It's way good. 
Today we are going to try and go to the 'Croc Guy.' The Croc guy is a guy who will actually bind books in crocodile skin. I ordered a mini book of mormon through the office, and once it gets here I will take it to this guy and get that baby croc skinned. It should be pretty cool. Other than that though, I don't expect this p-day too be super duper uper guper exciting. I need to buy new pants though, like jean pants, cause this one has a big rip down the crotch, haha. I have been wearing them for about a month like this, which sounds bad, but that really actually means like 4 days (mondays). So yeah, I'll go buy some more pants. 
Oh yeah, you asked what you will call us teenagers once we come back, for we will no longer be teenagers. We already had that covered. You can call us 'The Treefort Gang.'
So.. .other than all those things I don't really know what else to talk about. Things are still good. I still haven't lost a lot of weight like I thought I would. I am getting close to filling up my second journal (which leaves two to go, haha thanks Brittany), and my hair is still short!
Well I will catch you all next week! Transfers are next week, but I imagine I'll be staying here for a while longer.

I love y'all.
Elder 'Tapioca Puddin' Bergera

PS Marsh and I have been making some sweet tapioca pudding lately.

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