Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I went to a Lemur Park this morning! I attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure. That park was actually technically in my area I think, but it took about a 45 minute bus ride to get to anyway. It was actually really cool, way in they middle of nowhere. I liked this park a lot better than they zoo we went to last week. Yeah, the zoo had a lot bigger variety of different things, but this little park just had free roaming lemurs hanging around. I just bought a kilo of bananas before hand, and we went down to the park, paid 10,000Ar, and walked in to see a tree full of lemurs! They jumped down off of the tree, and if you have ever seen lemurs when they travel on the ground, they are soooo funnny! They just bounce sideways in whatever direction they are going, haha. They are soo cool. We tried super hard to get them to crawl all over us and on our heads in a goofy fashion, but they resisted. They would come down really close and party though. I would just put a piece in my hand, then they would grab my hand with their funny human-like hands then pop that banana in their mouth. I seriously think that Lemurs are my favorite animals now. Their poof balls funny selves are just too cool not to love. 
And that was pretty much our p-day today. At least the exciting part. 
Oh wait! Actually, while we were walking down the street in downtown Tana after eating lunch, we saw some kids riding skateboards. Because of that tech deck you sent me, a lot of these other Elders know that I really like to skate. So while we were walking by, one of the Elders I was with asked if it was okay for us to try it out. They said yeah, so I hopped on, haha. I didn't really do anything super cool, just a few pop-shuvs and what not, but man.. it felt good! haha, and I am pretty sure all the kids thought that I was cool. Maybe. I was sort of worried before that I had lost my entire ability to skate, but I don't think it is ALL gone yet, haha, so that's comforting. Seeing skateboards here sure is rare though, I think that was probably the... third time I have seen one. I don't think I could handle seeing them all the time though, haha. I have gotten really trunky every time I see them, haha.
Other than that though, not too much is going on. I am really hoping for a baptism soon though. I don't know why, but it seems like the area I am in now just moves slower than my last one, but it's all good. I have a super cool investigator named Kong Yen, I don't know if I have told you about him or not, but he is super cool anyway. He just makes me super stoked to just be able to teach him, that is how cool he is; him and his wife Etienne. I tried to give him a bap date a week ago, but he says he is just really worried about entering into the church and not knowing everything. I let him know that it is okay to still not know EVERYTHING and be baptized, but that baptism is a convenant we make with God to show we are ready to obey him. In our last time he gave us a coconut, and right now he is out in the country taking care of rice, but he should be back soon and I will definitely get a date for him. I am really stoked on him and his wife. We actually got him as a referral from a member from my previous area, Antsirabe. That's when missionary work is the best: Referrals!
Oh yeah, my new mission President is from California, and his wife is from Switzerland, and apparently she is fluent in Swiss! Which I am somewhat interested to hear. 
While working with a member this week, we went to a time, but the people weren't home, so we went and talked to a man who we saw on the path up to the house. We set up a time to come back, and on the next day, we came back. As we were teaching him, we found out that he is from a place called 'Diego' which is waaaay up on the north point of the island. This also explained why I had an especially hard time understanding him, for he spoke a different dialect. I assume he has grown accustomed to the main dialect us missionaries learn, 'Merina,' for I could understand him all right. He's cool though, and I am really excited to see how the lessons will go. 
Anyway, I think that's about it today. Not too much going on besides that, haha.
Have a great 10th - 16th of July!

Elder Gidro
"The Lemur King"

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