Monday, August 6, 2012

Thank you very much for eating those sugar cookies on my behalf. I feel like sugar cookies are being spiritually transformed to my virtual tastebuds. They taste great.
So yeah, I am a big 20 year old now. All the little kids on the missionary playground will have to look out for me now.
Okay, so here's the news:
I haven't gotten the birthday package yet. I'll be going to the office later today, and it may or may not be there. Usually they pick up packages once every two or so weeks, and the picked them up last week, so let's shoot for next time? Yeah, sounds good to me. I will just thank you in advance for it though. Thank you! I am really excited to do some perfect pushups, for that's the only thing I really know is in there, but I am excited to do all the other things in there too. 
I bought myself some new deodorant and shaving cream for my birthday. Happy birthday to me.
Okay, so here's the other news:
I have found Kong Yen! Apparently he had some difficulties last Sunday and was unable to come to church, BUT he came yesterday! It was a really good day yesterday too! We had 10 investigators at church, which was really good to see. I haven't seen that much in this area since I have been here, so that was good. Anyway, yeah, Kong Yen and his wife Etienne are doing really well. They are still shooting for baptism next saturday, which I am stoked for. We had one other girl, AinĂ , going to be baptized on that date too, but I don't know if that one will workout or not. Well see. I'll let you know. She is the daughter of some pretty cool investagors. Her father is actually bedridden from a stroke or something, and I have been trying to work with the office to get him a wheelchair but haven't found much success yet. Her mother comes to church sometimes, but she is sometimes difficult too. Two times ago we came and she was drunk, and then the last time we came we asked if she had any Word of Wisdom problems and she replied she didn't.. so the going is a little tough for them. Another thing is that they aren't legally married yet, and in order to be married here they have to have a paper from their home towns, which in this case is quite far away and they haven't gotten it yet. I've got hopes for them all, but there certainly are some roadblocks for this family right now.
Anyways, yes, Kong Yen, cool as ever. I actually have a picture in my Malagasy Book of Mormon that I use to mark my personal reading (1 Nephi 18, I am just darting through it, I know haha. I've actually been focusing on it pretty good these last few days. I've read one chapter a night this past week, so I am really trying to get through it. I read it with my dictionary close at hand, and it's actually been going well! I can understand a lot of what is going on, but every so often a new word will come up and confuse me, haha.). Okay, back to the story. The picture is one that Brittany sent me of all you guys sitting on the front steps. Just a little family picture I carry around. Anyway, so I showed this to Kong Yen our last time, and he says I look a lot like Chelsie, haha. Etienne said "and this one (pointing to Chelsie) looks a lot like you, except a girl" haha! So there you go! He actually served us some tea after this too, but don't worry, it's this natural stuff actually made from Soybean, or 'Soja' as they call it here. I really did like it a lot. E. Marsh and I thing that we'll go buy some one of these days and make it at our house. It really was good. Oh yeah, and he does actually have some kids. He has one son who's about 30-ish and used to come to our English class a lot. He's way cool, but I haven't taught him anything about he gospel yet. I want to though. Apparently he has other kids too, but I haven't met any of the other ones yet.
Okay, here is the answers to your questions:
Analamahitsy is actually just an area in North Antananarivo. Sort of like a 'sub-town' within this large town. Analamahitsy actually has two missionaries of their own, and us workers in Sabotsy Namehana live with them, and we actually live in Analamahitsy too, so on p-days we usually don't even go into our area in the daytime because there really isn't any point to go. And no, I haven't changed areas or anything. Still just trucking along here in the Sab-Nam. 
Here are some answers/additions to your titles of my pictures: 1. Both. 2. No, yeah, this was definitely a picture of E. Marsh 'tossing his cookies.' 3. Yeah you basically got this one covered. 4. This is a big stack of bricks! They have a big brick making area in my area, and they love to make bricks. I'll try to catch another picture that shows truly how many bricks are in what we call 'Brick World.'  Foundation of the Madagascar Temple....haha I wish.
I am living with one elder who actually gets his family to tell him all about the olympics and stuff, so I am all covered in that sense. E. Marsh is all bummed cause he just realized that I will be home for the next olympics, and he won't.. haha. It's okay Marsh! Rah Rah Roo!
Okay, I think that will about do it for now. Thank you for all the birthday greeting and support!
I love you all!

Elder 'Only 141 More Days Until Christmas' Bergera

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