Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hey mom! Thank you for that letter from Jeff! it was really nice to read! do you have his email? cause even though he said he couldn't send me emails, then I think i should be able to send him one. I don't know. we'll see.
things here are going good, it's my second to last p-day here at the mtc, so nothing to complain about! except maybe this keyboard that i am using.. it's awfully sticky. so if i make any typos, you'll understand. we got up super early today to do laundry, so you'll be happy to find this letter super early in the morning! you're welcome!
thanksgiving here way sweet! Well that tuesday before, d todd christofferson came and spoke to us for the devotional! and then on thanksgiving , we had a special devotional in the morning, and guess who it was?!? Elder russel m nelson! super cool!! they were the first apostles we've seen since our first week here, but two in a week? i'm not complaining. Then they gave us a super big lunch, aka thanksgiving dinner. they had a bowl of candied yams, so I grabbed some of those, for tradition sake. I don't know if i'll be able to do that next year though, haha. Eric found me in the cafeteria and we ate thanksgiving together. i don't know where the heck blake was haha. it was nice, i'll send some pictures sometime soon before I leave. after that we made sack lunches for dinner (because we needed to use the cafeteria for our service project). The service project was pretty much make 8,000 injurty kits. so, yeah, it was my eagle scout project all over again. oh yeah, they have been setting up christmas lights around here for about a month now, and i started to get impatient and wanted to know when the heck they would be finally turning them on. then, on thanksgiving night, they turned them on! haha it's super sweet; best night ever. i'll send a picture of those too.
yeah, well I am super excited that I only have two more weeks here. I mean yeah, the mtc is pretty cool in the way that you get to meet so many people from all different parts of the world. but I think i am ready to move on. it's weird to think that eric leaves in a week, but it'll be good! finally getting out in the real world! and I think it'll be a super great way to learn the language better, being forced to use it. i'm stoked.
Oh yeah, being a zone leader is cool. we don't really have to do all that much though. the main zone leader job is welcome new missionaries, and we haven't had any for two weeks. easy stuff. oh yeah, remember when you all dropped me off, and there was that cool, experienced missionary who hosted me? well, I am going to be a host tomorrow! pretty cool huh?
i am glad that i'm 3/49ths the way done, haha, that really puts some good perspective on it haha.
and i am mega glad to hear johnny came to thanksgiving and you have seen all those other rascals! give them all noogies for me!
Rehefa hankany any madagascar aho, dia lasa tena faly aho.
I think i said that right, but maybe not haha.
elder austin james coolguynumberone bergera

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