Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I can't really think of anything I need in that final package really specifically.. things seem to be going pretty well! My teacher said it might be a good idea if I had a international calling card I could use to call you all, but I really don't know anything about those things at all. At all. So if worst comes to worst I'll just use quarters or something. Other than that, I can't really think of anything.
Okay, so I will be leaving on Monday (the 12th) at 8 am from here, and then we'll go to chicago, London, and then Johanessburg. and then to madagascar. We should arive in madagascar on wednesday a little after 2 pm. I'll let you do the math. Just kidding, It's around 52 hours, or something. Yeah, I'll be able to do the pouch thing, so all is well. Good work on the headbands! Haha shoot for 100! I'm glad you have enjoyed the Wild Man so much, it is our first feature presentation and we are very proud of it. I haven't started taking the pills yet, but I should in a few days. It'll be sweet. Eric left yesterday morning, which is a bummer but a blessing both. I'm mega stoked for him to get out into the real world of Missionary work. It's just Blake and me here now, and we both leave next week. Actually, Andres comes in tommorow, I almost forgot! Sweet.
Okay, well that's about it right now. I'm just trying to study the language super well before I have to jump into it head first. It's pretty good. Moztoa means 'be diligent' but it's a way of saying 'see you later' in a way.
Oh yeah, tell brittany that if a guy named Addison Damal Jenkins adds me of facebook, he's chill, you can add him. He's one of the Malagasy teachers. Super chill guy.
Okay, that is all.
Elder sweet stuff Bergera

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