Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yeah, Tiako anao techinically means 'I loved you' but my teacher said that's really how they would commonly say it, so yeah
Yeah, i got your halloween package on time, it came on Saturday! Thank you for all the candy and sweet stuff! Last night (halloween) you'd see a couple of elders with make shift costumes on, going from room to room trick or treating. With all the candy you gave me, I decided I would go around and do some 'opposite trick or treating,' so I went from room to room and said "opposite trick or treat!" Haha most of the elders had already had a fair share of candy, so I still had quite a bit left over, but it was still fun! haha I just thought I would try to spread the festive cheer somehow.
And about painting my room pink.. that's all good, haha. I won't see it ever, so I don't mind haha. I like how cat stepped in the paint. Oh silly cat. You are so silly.
I'll try to get some photos printed soon, I keep meaning to, but I get distracted. I hope that in the mission field I can just email pictures to you, but we'll see if that will ever happen. I'm about 90% sure you can't do that here. Anyway, yeah, I'll get some photos sent sooon.
While walking to the temple today, I got my first chance to use my umbrella! The wind came down strong, so I had to hold the umbrella at an angle. My pants got soaked, but that's okay. This elder in my district loves the rain so much, he's like dying of happiness all day today. I don't really mind it, but I prefer snow over rain, i think. Maybe I'll change my mind when that comes too, haha. I'm just looking forward to seeing snow for a little bit, and then leaving all of it for a while. Though... I will see rain A TON more, like, WAAAY more, which is chill. And I'll be headed straight into rainy season!! NICE! I'll be able to use that jacket a ton!
Well tomorrow will make it three weeks, officially. Which is weird. Chase entered on the same day I did, and he left yesterday, which, also, is weird. Nine weeks is going to be looooong. But, I'm not nearly close to having the language down enough to where I feel comfortable speaking it, so I welcome these next 6 weeks in a warm embrace.
That's super funny about Abby dancing, haha, what a goof ball. She'll be 10 months in a week, right? When is she going to get walking?! hahaha
I can't wait.
Just like how chase left on monday, a neighbooring district of ours left on monday too. They were in our Branch and lived just down the hall, so we all kind of became friends with them. On sunday night, the floor usually goes to a departing district and they sing! On my first sunday night, the Malayasians left, so they sang in malaysian. These elders are all going state side, so respectively, we sang english. The best part is just the feeling of togetherness through it all, and more so with these Elders, cause it felt like we grew up with them. We endured our first days together, and now they were all going into the real world. Ahh... we sang 'Til We Meet' at the top of our lungs that night. I get goosebumps just writing about it! I loved it!
Well, that's all I have for now, Veloma!

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