Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your family loves you: tianao fianakavianao... i think. Maybe i'll look back on that once I am mahay (fluent) and I'll realize how big of an idiot I am right now.. but as for now, that counts.
I'll write the ward a letter sometime, for sure, so expect that.. sometime. At least before I leave here, haha. That's super cool about Anthony getting baptised! I remember him talking to me sometimes and as your cub scout, so that's super cool that he is getting baptised.
I better get wyatts letter soon! the last letter you sent me just about killed me when you didn't say where he is going!! aaaahhh!! but dang, he has just about as much time to prepare as I did, haha. two months will go fast! and look at me now! I've almost been in here for a whole month! it has definitely felt like a month though, don't get me wrong. You always hear people say that sometimes time just flies by super fast, and maybe one day it will, but as for right now these days feel like days.
So we've learning loads of stuff, but mostly just language and teaching. Elder fox and I teach lessons in malagasy to our 'investigators' (our teachers) about 4 times a week now.. no, actually 5 i think. i don't know. maybe more. anyway, yeah, we just keep learning and learning language basics and such. once a day we do syl (speak your language) where for a whole meal time, you can only speak malagasy, which is pretty fun. not much is usually said. I have been reading those books, by the way. I like Our Search for Happiness a lot.
Okay, you don't need to send me the holiday or theme ties, I don't think I'll have much use for them here. Just the nice ones :)
Abby better get walking soon! at this rate, she'll be crawling around when I get home! haha just kidding, I'm sure she'll be walking and talking enough to creep me out (creep me out cause I am not used to it). She is over 10 months old now, huh? weird... she's getting old!
That's cool that you got to be a substitute! I never would've imagined! actually i would've, but still, it's cool!
I don't think we have any word processing programs on our computer, cause I am not a dork who writes words all day! I've got photoshop and all that GOOD stuff that actually matters and is fun. But wordy stuff? ew.. hahaha you found the wild man?? That's our first feature length film. The opening weekend turned up a pretty good attendance. I'm glad you found it, haha.
The article on the homepage of the church site? yeah, we watched it yesterday. SOOOO STOOOKED!! Aw... I can't wait until December 12! All my teachers watched it and all got super homesick for madagascar and all malahelo and such. Oh yeah, to answer your question about the departure date being 1212 or 1214 or whatever, it doesn't really matter which one you put on the envelops, i found out. It's all the same. I think we'll actually leave around the 12th or 13th though.. I'm not sure.
Well, another week has past! Tomorrow I will start my 5th week here, and all is well! And I haven't even gained more than 5 pounds!!
I love you!

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