Monday, November 28, 2011

Manao Ahoana!

Okay, about the package.. hm... I would think you would be okay to send it through the mail, but my teacher gave me a helpful tip! Put a picture of Jesus or Mary on the box, where you would cut it, cause he said they won't cut through those, haha. Oh yeah, and he said don't put any electronics in there or anything, cause I guess if they find big electrons they'll all fine me and stuff. So yeah. And even if it does get to me late, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!! haha. So if that sounds good to you, then I'd say do it that way. But if you really want me to just take it, I could do that too. Whichever you are most comfortable with.
The play sounds like it was fun! Which play was it? Or maybe you already told me.. If you did, I can't remember. Anyway, that sounds fun! And I am glad you got all the flags hung up and stuff, I am sure it looks great! And thank you for the package!! I love it! right when I first got the box I smelled the reeses inside, haha. thank you! Packages are always sweet. It's good to hear you are keeping up the pez collecting in my abscense! The pez collectings spirit is alive and well! Good luck with your paper! only one more week!
The security at the mtc, well they added little scanner to each of the doors, so you have to scan your card everytime you enter. I don't think anything really happened, i think they just realized how easy it is to get in here, haha.
Well for our last three weeks, elder fox and I will be zone leaders in our branch. pretty cool stuff. Pretty much just welcome in the new missionaries in the branch and plan out our sacrament meeting and stuff. A nice gig.
On thanksgiving there is supposed to be a really great devotional, and that usually means an apostle! So i'll let you know how that goes! It'll be good.
Three more weeks.. I am so excited. Yessssssss.
Okay, the malagasy word for they day is: Mangatsika = Cold.
I love you! Stay well!
Treat johnny well! I am super stoked!

Tiako ianao
Elder Austin James Bergera

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