Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hey mom!
I was at the temple today, getting some food after our session, and I tried to use the visa card for a $3 meal, but it was denied, so, uh, just thought I'd let you know ahah.
So that's super cool about jasons call! I'm stoked for him! I hadn't received a letter yet about his whereabouts, but now I know! yay! He's going to love it, I know he will. Missions are pretty sweet. So he leaves in exactly 3 months? Lucky guy, he gets more time to prepare than I did! And the best part about a local mission: only 3 weeks in the mtc. The mtc is sweet and all, but after being here for over 5, uhh I'm too excited to serve, rather than sit in classes all day. it's all good though! The MTC did install card readers on all the doors, so now you have to scan your card EVERYTIME you go into a building. Kind of annoying. But, oh well. It seems like they have put forth about 10 new rules since we got here, which kind of makes me wonder 'why now?' But oh well. One can not worry about such frivilous worries at a time like this.
Thats funny about Abby being able to say kitty, does she say anything else? Danielle sent me a picture of cat yesterday, and I thought "oh, you silly willy cat." I'm glad to hear all is going well for Abby and Cat! And I am glad she still kisses my poster face.
I heard some stuff about the NBA, sometime, so that's too bad. No basketball this year. I glad to see that you've been getting work though! Even if it is just small stuff here and there, it's surely better than nothing! And only one more week of school?? That's super sweet! Good luck with your paper!
I think your advice "hang in there" is sufficient! haha it's sort of hard seeing all these english districts come and and always leave so soon. but I have passed the half way mark in here! so all is well! Jeff used to always tell me that the MTC is nothing like the real mission, and I can totally see why now. And I can totally see why the real mission is sooo great. We watch some movies in here (i think they are on the church website too) called The District, and is just real life mission scenarios, and seeing changes in real people, and I always get soo stoked to see them! We teach our teachers in here, and it's helpful, but I don't think it really can compare to real life. I just want to get out there and serve! haha, less than 4 weeks. I just have to remember that.
chase has told me a little bit about teaching in zimbabwe, and it's super crazy, haha. I'll forward the letters to you, if you want.
I've heard a little bit about that football player from one of my teachers, and it's always nice to hear of another madagascar missionary.
have fun in moab!

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