Tuesday, August 21, 2012

There were no swear words, trust me.
Thank you for all the addresses too! I'll be filling up that address book you sent me in the mtc. It's coming in handy.
Thank you sooooooo much for the birthday package! I love it! I have been doing perfect pushups all week, for sure. I am loving it all so much. And I figured out that I absolutely love Jelly Bellies. They are sooo good. What other candy can you get that you can try a rootbeer one minute, then have some carmel popcorn in there the next? Oh wait, there are no others! Jellybellies 4 lyfe! and those warheads and poprocks are way good too. We had a malagasy mini-missionary try some and his reaction to both were very amusing. 
Wait, so in that mission week thing, did you already count sunday or not? I assume so...
Your postcard is getting sent out today.
The baptisms went really well. We had three planned but only two worked out, but the two were Kong Yen and Etienne so absolutely no complaints there. I freaking love them so much, they are so cool. I baptized Kong Yen and Marsh baptized Etienne. The water was way cold, and actually the weather has been pretty cold lately, but we prayed a lot that we could have good weather in hopes that the Malgasys wouldn't die from the cold, and it worked pretty well! The water was way cold, yeah, but the sun was out and shining all right, contrary to the majority of the week. Blessings there for sure. As far as the confirming, Marsh and I both stood in the circle, but the Branch President and a member did the confirming. Hearing Kong Yen bear is testimony gave me one of the best feelings. He's so cool. They really want to go to the temple too, of course after their year is up.
So yeah.. I am not going to lie. My baptism pants are getting pretty tight, haha. It's good though, I guess. At least I am not starving. But it's like I said though, I am pushing those perfect pushups hard, and I am hoping my next area will be a beach side province where I can sweat my ''rice belly'' off, haha. It's all good though. I figure that as long as I can bust out loads of pushups I am probably doing all right. 
I attached a bunch of pictures, but now that I think about it I can't remember what they were. 
I know that one of them is of the baptism. You can see Kong Yen and Etienne in their white bap clothes, as well as me in my bursting bap pants and good ol' Elder Marsh too. Another one is of me posing. And one with Marsh and a cow in a soon-to-be ricefield.
I really can't remember what the others were though.
I am sure you'll be able to figure it out.
Oh yeah, no I am not getting transferred yet. Which is good, cause Bebe Jacquilene wants me to baptize her. You'll find out more about her later. More around September 1st-ish. 
I loved getting little emails from Johnny, Jason, and Kamry, ahahaha. They are so cool.

Anyway, I think that about does it for this week.
Maztoa Daholo!

Elder "Spunkin' Around the Dunk Bunk"

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