Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello Mamako, How are all of the sunrises and sunsets up there in the northern hemsiphere? They are doing pretty well down here. We ate a ton of voanjobory last night, and now I can feel the affects taking over my stomach. It is all well though. All is quiet on the malagasy front. No, I guess not really, it actually quite a noisy place, but it is good. Just the way I like it. To answer your question about rainbows, yes. I have seen rainbows here. Surprisingly enough, no, they do not actually have lemurs jumping around on them like I once thought. Nor do they have leprechauns with gold pots waiting at the end. Instead, there are 4' 6" old malagasy grandma bebes with little scraggly beards waiting with a pot of fresh voamagna (sweet potatoes, for all you vazahas) just for the first lucky finder. It's quite delightful, actually. Okay, yeah, no, but seriously. Things are going well. We are planning for another baptism this weekend, and the lady who will be baptized actually quite fits my description I just gave in my 'rainbow segment.' She's awfully nice though. She's just a little old lady who just wants to pray and come to church. Her memory isn't the best, so you just kind of have to take it as it comes. She always points to her eyes and apologizes that she can't read as much as she'd like, for the letters are too small. She always points to me and says "You, hehehehe. You. You. You." she says, cackling all the while, "you're the one who will baptize me." So I am the one who will baptize her. It'll be fun! And we are actually moving church buildings, here in Sabotsy Namehana. We will be moving to an opener, larger building (hopefully, for I have not seen it yet). This'll be our first baptism here in the new building, so we'll tell you how it goes. The new building is so far tucked back either, so we probably won't have to leave our house at 7:30-45ish to get to church for sure by 9:00. Buses are mad crazy on sundays, so we must plan for these things. In order to do the baptismal interview, we have to go on splits with the zone leaders. Usually we'd just go to the district leader, but that's me, so we have to go higher up this time. The funny thing is that one of the zone leaders was my trainer, Elder Watts. So this thursday I will be working with Elder Watts again, haha. I am pretty excited about it actually. It'll take me back a good 7-8 months time. Woooo. So September is coming this week, eh? The only month I haven't served in yet. Bring it on. Oh yeah, and you can keep sending me pictures of funny things. I like funny things. So any other questions? Comments? Concerns? No? Okay, next week it is. There should actually be transfer news again on Sunday, so I'll let you know how that goes. It was a quick one, eh? haha, it's because we have some Malagasy elders coming in. Anyways, I'll catch ya'll on the flip side. Elmer Bergera

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