Monday, August 13, 2012

De Ahoana Izy Mtsam!!

I really don't know what to say this week!
Kong Yen and his wife Etienne will be getting baptized this weekend, which I am really stoked for. We aren't sure yet who will be doing their baptisms, but we will find out this wednesday. I am really excited for it, haha. Also, we had 12 investigators to church yesterday! I felt really good about that. Things in this area are surely picking up. I don't know how much longer I will be in this area, for I have been here for four months, and that's about getting to the point of packing up, but who knows! I'll tell you who knows. I will know on Sunday night, haha. 
Okay, so I literally got a call one minute ago from and Elder at the office who told me that I have a package! Yeah! It made it! So to answer your question about when you should send a christmas one.. haha I don't know. What ever you feel like would be a good time, is a good time, haha. I am not picky. If you happened to send it early, I would wait until christmas to open it. I can do that. 
Dang.. is Christmas really coming up already? I guess I am getting close to my 'second' stage of my mission. my second christmas... hm. I like the sound of that. 
I thank you before hand for the package.
Also, I have thinking that I would like to start sending out more postcards. Even if my postcard scam hasn't really showned much success yet.. haha. So, do you want to start sending me address? Just addresses of tons of people. In the ward, or in the family, or whatever. I realized yesterday when I started filling out postcards that I don't have that many address. Also, I found a place to buy postcards for 500Ar (roughly 25¢). So it's all pretty sweet. Anyway, addresses would be very appreciated. 
I sincerely honestly do not know what to say today. Life has been going well. This week passed by in a second, I swear. Somedays I feel like I wake up, walk out the door, and half a second I it is night and I am walking right back in. It's just way crazy.
We found a really cool guy named James this past week. We found him while we were eating a picnic lunch at our favorite Sunday picnic spot (our area is too far away from our house to go back and eat on sundays, so we just picnic). We scheduled a time with him, and then, following our weekly schedule, we taught him. He's from an area close to a place called 'Fianarantsoa' which actually has four missionaries. It's a good 10 hour drive south from Antananarivo. They speak a dialect called Betsileo, which is mostly the same as what we missionaries learn (Merina), but they sound all southerny, haha. I mean, not like georgia southern, but malagasy southern. They have different words they use too, but I think they can understand Merina for the most part. The people on the coast speak way cool dialects. They sound all crazy and coast-like. I haven't really had to learn a dialect yet, but perhaps one day. I love this language so much.
I think that'll about do it today though. 
I want to go get my package, haha.
Thank you for the letter and love and all the goodies.
I love you all!

Elder Faly

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