Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life here has been pretty good, not anything mega too exciting though. We were going to have three baptisms this weekend, but they all weren't quite as ready as we thought, so we'll have to hold up on that. It's been pretty rainy lately, but today looks really good. Our p-day today is cut short about six hours due to a Zone Conference. An Elder from the Seventy, Ulisses Soares, is coming here to Antsirabe to speak with us today, so that'll be cool! Elders from Ambositra and Fianarantsoa came up yesterday. The ride from Fianarantsoa is about 7or 8 hours, so they pretty much traveled all day yesterday to get here, so that's good. I think we are going to make apple pie sometime this week, which should be gooood. Apples are in season right now, so I am stoked. Oh yeah, and avacados are in season too, I'll send you a picture of one. They are massive here. Really. Avacados in Americas are like small baseballs and these are like large softball sized, even bigger even. I made a large bowl of guacamole out of just one avacado the other day. Soooo goood. Some other fruits that are in season right now are pears, passion fruits (which give you dirreah, uggggh), grapes, mangos, bananas (always, and actually smaller than american ones, but sweeter), and these weird faint-green fruits I haven't tried yet. Those are the main seasonal ones, and you can always find pineapples.
Oh yeah, I've decided that when I get home, I am going to cook a lot more. Yeah. Because you can make soo much good food in america! You don't need to worry whether your nearest store will have what you need. Yeah, I am going to cook more. I started making crepes a lot for breakfast. And I eat at cheap hotelys for lunch. Rice. Rice is good. I like rice. I am not super pro at cooking it yet though, but I am getting there.
Oh yeah, I have also filled up my first journal now too. I got a new one from an elder going home on may 10th (would you look at that?), so I am good right now. But if you ever do want to send me stuff, a journal would be super appreciated! I write every day. I am mega diligent.
Okay, well sorry but I have to cut this email kind of short, I still have to run to the market before I get all suited up.
Thank you!

p.s. I was about 2 seconds away from sending a dear elder cookie package to myself. Would that be okay? haha.

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