Monday, February 20, 2012

I am not sure who came up with the name for plancakes, but someone did, haha. Whoever did though was a genius. I love pancakes now. I feel like I took so many good foods for granted back home. Pancakes being one of them. But now, I love them. So much. They are the best.
Life with Andrianjarasoa is going pretty well, kind of hard though. Sometimes I just get so impatient with myself when I can't think of how to say something, but I know the language will come with time. It's just hard, but I'm not stressing too hard about it. And the other thing is he is really new too, so he is still learning how to teach lessons. So its just kind of hard between me not knowing the language and him not quite used to teaching, but it's okay. We just keep going forward and try to do the work. We have two baptisms on saturday. They are the kids of these two really cool parents who have been trying to get legally married for two years now, but it's super hard here in Madagascar sometimes, so they just have to wait. The man is really diligent and nice, and I feel bad he has to wait sooo long. But sometimes you just have to keep pressing forward, you know? That's just patience. I guess that's a lesson I've been thinking about and learning lately. I want so badly to be mahay at this language! But I am only two months in so far, so I guess I shouldn't expect too much.. patience!
Another lesson is not to itch flea bites. It just makes it worse. I applied a coat of deet from that can you packed, I hope it works.
Oh yeah, and I sent a REAL letter on wednesday, the 15th, so hopefully it gets too you before too long. When you see it, you are going to laugh, haha. For some reason they needed to put 5 stamps on the thing, and the envelopes aren't necessarily big. And then you can show of real malagasy stamps to everyone. Woohoo!
Oh yeah, and I tried to send a letter to Eric, but the lady at the post office didn't know what the heck Samoa was. She didn't believe me that it was a country, so she didn't take it, haha. She kept telling me to write the continent, but I didn't know. I still don't know. So maybe I'll send the letter to is mom and have her forward it? Oh yeah, and Eric's mom, Mrs. Johansen, thank you for the talk and
Eric's letters, they have been really nice to read! I've really appreciated them.
There are 8 missionaries here in Antsirabe, all split up into different sections of the town. The part I work in is called Mahazoarivo, and the other sections are: Antsirabe East, Manandona, and Ambohimena. That's Antsirabe!
So I am not sure if the rice is in shells or what, but I think so? yeah, I am not a rice expert. I just eat the stuff.

Oops, I wasn't finished.
Okay, yeah. Rice. The longer I've been here, the more and more I like it. We had a suare with some members yesterday, and we had rice and an omelette as the loaka (the loaka is really whatever you put on the rice. Meat, soup, omelettes, pig ears, whatever you want).
Tell Brittany thank you for the picture! ahahaaha it's sooo good. My hair was so long! It'll be fun to show everyone it, haha. I try to explain how long it was to some people, but they don't believe me sometimes. Oh how little they know.
That's good you have been finding some success with jobs, even if it is just a little bit, here and there. That's way better than none. Just keep trying and pressing forward. I pray for you all the time, and I know you can succeed, so go prove me right!
Hm.. I don't know blake ryan..
Oh yeah, there was a cyclone last week too, on tuesday. I am actually pretty far inland though, so it didn't really hit too bad. The widn was pretty hard, but the rain wasn't too bad. I mean I have seen some serious rain here, and it wasn't too bad during the cyclone. We just stayed in the house all day, as told by the assistants to the president, and at about 3pm it was all gone. So we got into our p-day clothes and went out looking for people to help. We help people move trees out of the roads and stuff. A looot of trees fell over, and fences too. We help President Pierre rebuild his fence too. All in all it wasn't too bad.
Okay well, I think that's about it for this week.

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