Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Mother and whoever else who takes the time to read these,
Yay!!! An email! haha
Oh dang, it is so hot down here today. It so confusing, some days it is cooold, but today, it's hotttt. People say Utah has 'bi-polar' weather, but pffft.
About a rain coat.. well if you really wanted to send me one, that would be cool, but I think i'll live. I mean yeah, I usually get soaked every time there is a rain storm, but it's tolerable. They do have coats down here, but I haven't given them much a gander yet. They appear to basically be tarps, but I'll probably check them out one day.
Oh dang, the Festival of Colors happened? Woohoo! That's a party! And that ALSO means, that it has been one year since I cut my hair! haha, it goes fast doesn't it?
I am very excited for those cookies. Very very excited. You have no idea. Thank you so much! I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival all week. I will also look for owl-y stuff for you, I know how much you love them. It's only fair. I don't know if they have much owl-y stuff though. I don't know if they much exist here, but I'll be on the hunt nonetheless.
That is very good that you are staying busy! Way to go Mother! There is a saying that goes 'life is what happens when you are busy doing something else.' So great job on living! *high five*
So I have attached a few pictures to this email, as you might have noticed. Let us anaylize, shall we?
Picture 1 This is a picture from earlier today! We got in little car and payed 2400Ar to drive about 20km to a town called 'Betafo' (bay-taw-foo). The car is about a normal sized, eight seat station wagon, and somehow the driver piled in 14 people in there. Nice and cozy. We brought a member with us to help us find the waterfall, for he knew the way. He is already mahay at english, and he leaves to begin his mission in SLC in two weeks!! I am super excited for him. America is going to blow his mind! Anyway, yeah, the waterfall. It was sweet. And if you look closely, you will see my sweet new shirt I bought last week. You know how people send their old, unwanted clothes to Africa? Yeah. It's pretty sweet.
Okay, now Picture 2. This is a brilliant photo of me and a young Sarodroaian lass at the baptism on Saturday! We had 6 people get baptized. Five of whom were all little kids, but one was a lady I've been teaching of a couple of months. Her name is Rahalimalala, and she is way cool. The water was not very clear, as you can see, but it was plenty deep which is better than you can say about a font baptism sometimes. One of my goals was to do a river baptism, and there it is! Wahoo! Now I want to shoot for a river baptism! haha. That would be cool, right?
Photo 3 So here you see me standing next to what you would call a 'mega freaking huge cactus plant.' Antsirabe has a little plaza of sorts called The Gar, and it has all the sweet stuff. I bought some nice fancy chocolate on the gar last week, you have La Gastros Pizza, the atms are all pretty close to the gar too. That's also where the postal building is, where I mail all those nice letters. So yeah, the gar is pretty sweet. That's were these babies are.
I hope you liked the photos.
This Saturday we have a baptism coming up, which I am really excited for. One of the guys getting baptized is Luc. I can't remember if I have already told you about him or not, but he is a referrall from a member. We have been teaching him since January, and he has just totally accepted the gospel. Super cool guy. We hooked him up with a Book of Mormon in french, cause pretty much any malagasy who wants to stay connected with the world learns french, but now if he ever shares scriptures during times I have no idea what he is reading, haha. It's sweet though, and I am super excited for his baptism.
So that's about it, I would think. I am going to go make a bunch of cookies for a dinner tonight now. Okay, I know what you are thinking; 'oh he can make cookies, then why did I just send him a package full?' but don't think that. Cookies from home just have so much... love and specialness to them. Yeah? yes.
Okay. Thank you very much for all the email and love.
Until next time!
Elder Fresh Pineapple for 500Ar

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