Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I got chelsies and brittanys letters this week, thank you! Abby is getting so big I can't even look at the pictures without getting blown away, haha.
Anyway, this week has gone by pretty quickly, nothing uber duber exciting to report. I bought a loaf of bread this morning! There is this really cool guy who makes super good bread out of his backyard garage. This guy has a nice goatee and isn't sketchy at all. He makes reallly good bread. Like you can buy bread on the street and it's all right, but it's just not super bomb. This guy's bread is amazing! And I bought a whole loaf. The first thing i did was cut two small slices and make a pb & j & banana. soooo goooood. The best part about it all is just how secret it all is. You would never know about it unless you walked into this guys gate, walked around his house, and followed the aroma of cooking bread up to a nice little vendors counter. Super secret; but us missionaries know all the secrets.
Another cool thing that happened this week was this gnarrrly storm! We were teaching our last time of the day, and then a storm hit. It totally caught me off guard cause it had actually been a good day. I could barely hear the closing prayer due to the rain and wind. The wind hit hard! I swear it was a mini cyclone, haha. You know how I told you about how my 'rain jacket,' well.. doesn't really work? Yeah, I felt the rain drip down my back in about 5 seconds of being in the showering stuff. We were kind of on a lower part of a hill, and we needed to walk up some allyway type paths to get back up to the street, but you see, the thing about rain is that it likes to come down, and the thing about water is the same. So our path basically turned into a river. So, i carried my bike up the path as the water came up to my ankles. My feet got wet. So that was fun!
Oh yeah, I won't be working the area called Sarodroa anymore. I've already told you about it, but i'll tell you again. It's a place about 50km north of here, and we went up there every wednesday and sunday. It's really just a little farm town in the middle of nowhere (a farm town here consists of growning rice, corn, and potatoes). We would usually ride a bus (a normal sized van, 5 to 6 people per row!), and the ride took 45min to 2hrs (as it did yesterday). Sometimes they stop and pick up even more people, cause people means money! That's when you have to play lap-sies with people.. Anyway, yeah. Then you tell the bus driver to stop, and you starting walking up a dirt path. You do this for about 40 minutes til you get to a large tent by a house! That tent is the church. Oh wait, actually they just upgraded! I forgot! They got rid of the tent, and now it's wooden with a metal roof. It's pretty nice now. To teach out there, well, you have to work through the dnb of the branch, cause it's not like you can go house to house. it's house, path, path, path, path, rice field path, path, house. And we have a baptism this Saturday! We will be baptising in a river! Wahoo! The investigator, Rahalamalala, said she wants me to do it to! Yeah!!
On the 31st we will have another baptism too. I am really excited for this one. We got a referral from Sisi, the girl who served in Canada, for a guy named Luc. Luc is one of those guys you would just think is way too cool. He just is. But he has been coming to Church every week and I am super excited to see him get baptized. It's really one of those times you can just tell that the Lord is already preparing people. I am super grateful to be able to be teaching him, especially right now cause NO ONE COMES TO CHURCH, haha. Except Luc, cause he is the man. The fresh prince of Antsirabe.

I included two pictures. One of Andrianjarasoa and I on top of this mountain, posing under a statue of Mary (mary not pictured).
And another of yours truly, posing in front of a traditional Malagasy rice field.

I like-like you all!
The Fresh Prince of Antsirabe
Ny Tompanareo (vahzivazhy)

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