Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The pie was very cool and huge and sweet and good. Elder Smith and I made it, cause we are sweet. I also made a spice cake (two, actually :3) for a suaree with all the members, and it turned out really good! Yeah, I can find pretty much all the basic ingredients you would need to make cookies, so I could, BUT, I think if you sent me cookies that would be quite lovely and I would thank you kindly. So, if you are worried if they would still be good or something, don't worry about that. Just send them, haha. It's definitely worth a try or two. And yes, you can send dear elder care packages to Madagascar. I was about one click away from doing it last week. The shipping is a bit pricely though.
And no, Elder Soares didn't speak malagasy. He actually speaks portuguese, but he has learned a bit of english along his way. His english is a little silly at times, but he's good. He understands enough. And yeah, there are two mission houses here in Antsirabe, so the other missionaries just split up between the two. The message is just all about the best way to do the work and stuff like that. Nothing completely riviting, but it went well nonetheless. The conference was good.
Yeah I am pretty sure the time here doesnt change at all. The sun still rises at about 5:30 and sets at 7. And nothing has really changes the past couple of days, so I would say no.
The picture I sent you is a picture of a Lake we went to today! It's called Lake Tritriva (cha-chee-va). It was soooo beautiful! Look up pictures on the internet, I bet you could find ones that looked like it did in real life. It was located about 20k outside of Antsirabe, so we rode our bikes there. It was HOT, haha. yeah yeah go to wikipedia and read about it, it's super cool. And i bought some nice rocks off malagasys for about $2.
and yeah, hopefully I'll be getting healthy from all the rice and fruit, haha. It's not as tropical as it sounds though, at least not in antsirabe, haha. There are actually a lot of corn fields, so I can relate to Blake there in Iowa, haha. Except the corn here isn't sweet corn. It's like the other type of corn. Hm. I eat a lot of pb & j's though, with banana's piled in there. You can buy big baguettes for cheap, so that's what I do haha. It's the best. A nice long pb&j, haha.
Anyway yeah, that's about it for this week. Transfers came out, but no changes for this guy. Still with ol' Andrianjarasoa.
So if you get anything out of this email, please understand that I think sending me cookies is a great idea. Okay. Thank you.
I love you all!
Elder Bergera :D

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