Monday, January 2, 2012

The name of the town is Antsirabe. It's a fairly big town, but not as big as the capital. which is a good thing cause I went back to tana a couple weeks ago to sign a visa thing, and it was waaay to big. scared me.
Okay is just sent some pictures with this new sd card reader i bought for 7500Ar (less than $4). Pretty sweet deals down here. Anyway, yeah. they look really dark on this computer, but I don't know. Tell me if they are mega dark over there too and I'll try to fix my camera from being so dark. Just let me know.
The first picture is me with a smashy kind of thing. I felt like such a white dork doing this, haha, cause here I was posing a picture trying to look all cool, when it something they actually do all the time to get by. haha. oh well, it's cool. You can see Fara, the lady, on the left.
The second picure is me. It looks really dark. Sorry.
The third picture is the back of elder watts over looking a some rice fields.
Pretty sweet stuff going on down here.
Yeah we have grass in front of our house, its pretty nice. We played a house-wide game of bocci ball today, and the loser of the whole game had to clean the bathroom.
Cleaning the bathroom wasn't fun.
Oh yeah, I baptised two people on Saturday, they were this couple who just got legally married. The girl is pregnant, so when I baptised her i tried to be real gentle and nice like, which didn't work cause something didn't submerge. So, I had to do it again. and again. I finally got it after 3 tries. When they guy came up next, I wasn't gentle at all, haha, i mega threw him under. Only one try. Yes.
Well that's about it. When you said you were going to go order pizza.. dang. american pizza. pizza here is okay, not bad, but it's not the same haha. I miss chocolate too haha.
Anyway, happy new year! 2012!
I was asleep at midnight, haha. I was meeega tired.
okay bye!

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