Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh gosh, this is the third time I have started to write an email to
you cause the computer I was using kept crashing over and over again,
but now I am on the one Elder watts was using, so all is good now!
That's too bad those cards didn't work for very long, and we only
really got to talk for about 20 minutes, but I guess well try again
for May! Maybe by then you kind find a good way to be able to talk for
a solid amount of time, haha, no worries though.
But yeah, we are staying at a house! There is a gate in front of it,
and in the gate are four houses, and one of them is ours. It's pretty
cool. The shower is nice, and the toilet is definitely a toilet, so no
complaints there! The house is nice!! And yeah, we go proselyting and
stuff. The other day we passed by this guys house, and he welcomed us
in, just real nice like and all, which was cool! He gave us plums in
his house, and after the lesson he liked it so much that we went and
grabbed two of his friends and we gave them the lesson too, haha. a
back to back session!
I.ll try to look and notice if the drain in the sink goes the other
way or not, I havent really noticed it before, but I'll try to!!
Thats super fun you'll be eating pizza with the gang and all! have
fun! eat one piece for me! Sorry this email isn't very long, but after
trying to get this computer to work my time has gone up and I don't
want to pay too much, haha. I am going to la gastros to get ice cream,
and I can't be spending my ice cream money on computer money! haha.
Okay, next week I'll write a letter to jeff next week and I'll give it
to you to forward, okay? I am mega excited for Zachs letter!
He's almost at his year mark huh? Crazy stuff!
Well see wyatt off well, okay? He's joining the cause!
I am super excited for him!
Missions are good.
Okay, I'll write back next monday!
Happy New Year!

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