Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey Mom!
I have good news! I got you letter last week on the 19th, so I guess it took 13 days to get to me, which is actually really fast! I haven't wrote back yet, but I will soon. I think they just deliver the mail down here whenever they need to come down here, which is usually once every couple of weeks. We are about a 3 hours away from the main city, so not too far.
All right I sent an email full of pictures:
One is me in the rice fields at night, which is pretty fun cause the paths are so narrow you have to be way careful or else you'll slip and fall in.
Another is me with a house full of members in Saradroa, a town we go to about twice a week. it takes about 45 minutes in a van to get there, and then a 30 minute walk until you get to the church, aka tent.
The other two are spiders! One on the face of Clareman, and one on my shirt. I wasn't sure if you could tell how big it was on my shirt, so I added the one of Claremans face. The spiders are called Kalamita's. I once told a member that there was a big spider outside her house, and she wanted me to show her. I went out and pointed to it, and she said, "That's not a spider! That's just a Kalamita, they are games for children." And then I freaked out and she smacked it down and picked it up. Then they started tossing it around a playing with it. I felt freaked out for about 2 hours. I am fine now though, they aren't even a big deal anymore. I just let them crawl all over me. The only bad part is when they get their web all over you.
So how do I communicate with the others? Well I am going to start writing letters. I am not really supposed to email anyone outside of the family, so I won't anymore. I don't really have anyones addresses though. I get blakes letters emailed from his mom, cause I can get emails from anyone, I just can't reply to them. And Erics mom sent me a letter with erics first letter, which was way nice. I've been emailing Chase, but I just want to start writing him letters since he is so close. That's basically it so far.
but yeah. Fleas are the worst. They just get in your clothes and stuff. usually I can feel it, so I'll try to catch it and destroy it. The best feeling in the world is killing fleas. They don't deserve any less. But yeah, it sucks cause they jump. I have to give them credit though, they couldn't have developed a better way to disappear than jumping into nothingness. I always check my clothes for them though, and I have started folding my socks to half-height to lessen their range in my socks. I hate them, but it's not too bad. Nothing unbearable.
Anyways yes, I am glad my package came! I knew it would come this month, I ordered it in the summer, cause the Author was signing every pre-ordered copy and I couldn't let the offer pass by without taking advantage of it, even if I would have to wait 21 months to read it. Yes!! I am glad you have set aside a corner of the closet to keep Austin-ish type things. I love Austin-ish type things.
That's too bad about getting the cut on your forehead! It will heal though, that's the beauty of skin. It grows back together. Stay strong! Go to church every week! Always! Cause I know I get bummed when my investigators don't come, so there are probably people at church who get bummed when you don't come! But yeah, getting people to stay active is something we try to focus on a lot. We try to help people find friends in the branch and try to visit them little while after they are baptized.
Well I am glad those little desktop backgrounds bring you comfort, for that was their purpose! haha and you know a good way to find things? Deep cleaning. We just cleaned our apartment real good today, and we found some crazy things.
Anyway, thanks for the nice long email! I love to read long emails. I hope this email was satisifying, haha.
Until next week!

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