Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That's crazy that now is the first time you are really getting snow! Dang.. well let's hope it snows more! haha. It's been really cold here this past week, which I hadn't really expected. It's the rainy season right now, so it has rained. All week. I haven't seen the sun since last monday, if not longer. It has rained. and rained. and rained. haha, my pants and shoes are always covered in mud and dirt by the time i get back to the house, but it's cool, cause when we go into peoples houses to teach them, they don't care, haha, mud isn't a big deal to them, which makes it easier.
I haven't written wyatt yet.. but my letter wouldn't get there in time by now, haha, if it ever would've. You should just find out his mission address for me, then I'll try to write him one to there. He leaves in a week anyway now. So he is in a triple companionship? Blake was in one of those. Yeah, I think a lot of people tend to take the mtc too seriously and not relax sometimes, but oh well. He'll make it through well, I think.
All right, I'll be sure to tell you when I get that letter. Then I'll reply and tell you when I sent it.
Yeah, I kept thinking a couple days before the 7th "dang! abby is going to be one!" haha, thats crazy! and now she just keeps getting older and older! It;s going to be weird in two years, haha.
That thing I was smashing was some smashy-type thing. I don't really know. But yeah, Fara is a brand new convert, so no, she isn't the one who went to canada. The one who went to canada, her name is Sisi (i don't know how to spell it), and she is the daughter of President Pierre, this really cool guy in our branch. They are super cool, and we got to watch Brother Bear for New Years Eve at his house.
There are 5 people in our house right now, Elder Watts and I, plus a tri-companioship of zone leaders. One of the Elders is going home next week though, Elder Le Starge. So then there will be only 4 of us in the house again.
So Ryan has moved out, and Kenzie in? Dang, lots of changes going on! That's good that ryan doesn't have to drive so far anymore though, that should save him lots of gas.
about that guy who was all interested with his friends, we went back up to his house again (he lives in kind of a far area we don't go to super often) when we said we would return, and he wasn't there. So we'll try again next week.
So how does it feel being white here?? Haha well it's pretty weird. It weird being a minority, and being white here basically means everyone thinks you are rich and french, cause french people come here a lot. The kids will look at me and say "Vazaha!" which is just what they say to white people. Sometimes it could be rude, but it's just what they say. It not really weird anymore though. You just get used to it. The REALLY weird thing is when I see white people, haha. It's like.... what the? What are you doing here? About 99% they are french, so I can't speak to them anyway, but it my first week here we came across this girl from Texas. She was a baptist missionary, and had a funny texan accent. That was cool. Anyway, i don't really feel discriminated against at all, like, i think sometimes they say things and think I don't understand (which is right, cause I mostly don't still), but someday I'll be able to understand and it'll be cool. And then all will be well Sure, sometimes you run across rude people, but it's not a big deal. There are plenty of nice people to make up for it.
I tried to talk about madagascar a bit more for you! haha, and I'll write a letter for the ward soon, if I have time. I probably should.
Okay, I'll talk you to next week!
I love you!

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