Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello mom! Things are really good down here! I got Zach's letter last week, so that might give you an idea of how long it takes. One factor in getting letters is that I am about 3 hours out of the mission home, so they only send letters down here every once in a while. I'll let you know when I get that one letter though!
So I will write Wyatt, but I still don't have his address. Please and thank you.
That's great that you are able to teach that CNA class! it's good to be busy and occupied with something, and teaching is a great way to spread your knowledge you have built up!
I don't know exactly what temperatures I am talking about, but I could see my breath, so pretty cold, haha.
Yeah, I try to keep my shoes fairly clean, haha, but they get dirty so fast! And yeah, we have a washer and dryer in our house, so I do it all myself. it's really easy.
The missionary work is going good! The biggest roadblock people have is just attending church. When it rains, nobody comes, haha. We have a pretty good amount of people in the branch. Yesterday we had 106 people attend, which apparently is less than average, but not bad. When it rained we had 63, so not too bad, haha. We meet in a building, haha, I don't really know how to describe it. It is connected to a couple other businesses and stuff, but it's not bad. I went out to a place called Saradroa a couple weeks ago, and their church is a tent, so not too bad, haha. Yes, the scriptures are in malagasy. They translate pretty much everything into malagasy. They have malagasy Liahonas and everything. It's well done.
The language is coming along all right. I try to listen and learn everyday, constantly trying to take notes of new words. Its hard though. Cause when you try and listen for new words, you don't know what you are listening for, haha. It all just sounds like sounds jumbled up together with no end nor beginning. It's all right though, it'll come as I practice and use it.
Oh yeah, Brittany, if someone named Kevin Le Starge adds me on facebook, he is cool. He was in the house I lived in this past month, and he just went up to Antananarivo this morning to go home. He has served his dues.
Anyway, this past week as been good. I got caught in a rainstorm without a jacket, so the bike tires flicked mud allll over my back, haha. And I have a lot of flea bites. I went on splits a lot too. A couple times with Malagasys. There is this Malagasy here named Herman, who is super cool. He speaks english well, and he'll start his mission next month. He is going to Salt Lake City!
I am excited for Brittanys letter with pictures! I love pictures!
Okay, talk to you next week.

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