Monday, December 19, 2011

Things are going pretty good down here! my p-day is on monday, so just one day earlier now. It's not too hot here, but when it gets humid it does suck, and it is definitely a lot hotter here than it was in Utah, haha. So far i have eaten a lot of rice and yogurt. Oh yeah, I'm not in the main capital, but in a provice called Antsirabe, which is pretty cool! The ride down here was super crazy though, I wasn't expecting it at all haha. We just crammed into a bus with a bunch of other malagasys and rode about 3 1/2 hours down here. My companion is Elder Watts. He has been here since August, so he hasn't been here to long, but he is much better at the language than I am (thank goodness haha). He was born (not literally born, but it was his first area) here too, so he knows the area pretty good. I get super lost all the time. But yeah, the language is.... uh.. coming along. haha. It'll definitely take a lot of practice and use before I can actually use it well enough to get by, but that's okay, i'll just practice it a lot then haha. The hardest part about is I can never understand what malagasys say, really. Like i can usually understand when a missionary says something, but I can't when they do, haha. I need to work on my hearing skills haha.
When I look out my window I see a bush. Oh yeah, and about the toilet swirl... well our toilet doesnt really swirl, it just sort of emptys and fills back up. haha. sorry for the disappointing news haha.
I've always wanted to feel tall all my life, but I was never tall enough. I had never been to madagascar. I usually have to duck into doorways now haha.
it's cool.
I'm mega excited for christmas!
okay, well thank you for the email and I look forward to the christmas package!
I love you!

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