Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So we just got here to the Mission home here in Madagascar! Ahhhhh!!!! Finally!! That was the longest flight/flights ever ever ever. So sorry we didn't really get to talk while we were in London, and that I didn't call while we were in South Africa. Our flight in london got delayed so we literally had to run through the johannesburg airport to catch our flight, haha. But after a loooooong couple of days, we are here! I can't really even believe it sometimes, but all is good!
Here in Antananarivo, there are these 3 line roads, but it's pretty much just a big free for all, and I loved it, haha. I would absolutely hate to drive on it, but riding through it was great! Dang.. I can't even really comprehend all the things I saw. It was just so much different than everything I am used to. I love it. The most.
I just got out of a little talk with the mission president, President Donnelly, and it was great! He's a super nice guy. I'm sort of bummed he'll be leaving in about 6 months. The very first thing they gave us when we arrived in the mission home was some nice fanta and these really good chocolatey-brownie type things. I am so happy. Things are good.
I feel so gross right now, I haven't changed clothes or shaved since monday morning.. ew... oh well.
Well I don't really know what else to say! I feel like I could say one million things right now! haha
Pray for me to help with the language!
I'll talk to you soon!
I love you!

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