Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thank you for the email! Even if it was difficult to type on your phone and the email was short, it's okay, haha. I appreciate it. 
I too should probably apologize if this email will be short. I currently am typing this whole email without using my left hand index finger. I am not exactly sure what happened to it, but it just starting hurting a whole bunch these past couple days. I am pretty sure I got a sliver inside the corner of the nail, but the thing is I can't recall that in the slightest. I trust it'll go away soon though, so not to worry. It is just giving me a bit of a handicap here in my writing abilities. 
It's crazy that I have my travel itinerary now though huh? I will be taking the exact same route I took when I came here (which isn't really surprising), but my layovers are a lot shorter so I'll be there in no time. I think going back will be nicer, for time will be reversing. My nearly nine hour flight from Chicago to London will truly only take two hours. Isn't air travel just the best? But yeah though, I can't really believe how fast it's coming though. I mean look at this month for example! It's already half over! This month is okay even if it is half over though, for that means we are half way to the best day of the month. Cool. Harry Potter Day. 
We are preparing for the new incoming couple now here in the office. They should be here in about two weeks or so now, so we are trying to get all ready for them. The office work has been going nicely. I've been on top of it scheduling all the flights for who we need to fly and what not. It's been really good. I actually really like working here in the office. Although it can be a bummer that we can't go out and teach for most of the day, but you know we all just have to do our duties. And be happy.
We went to the big mall today, and one of the Elders we were with was all freaking out, haha. I would think that compared to back home this would be a fairly small place, but it's crazy nice for here. I had already been there a number of times, but Elder Mitchell, one of them that came with us, was just going crazy, haha. It's really interesting because whenever I am in a really nice place now days I always feel really out of place. I feel, like, dirty haha. I mean I am not literally dirty. I take showers at least once per day. I just mean that I don't feel like I fit in at all. I fit in going and teaching in little homes and places where the cook rice on little wood stoves. Not where t-shirts cost $30... haha. That's crazy. I mean they have an Apple store (computers, not produce) in that mall. That's crazy. 
Going home is going to be weird, haha. I apologize in advance for being in culture shock when I come home.
I don't really know what else to say. Life has been going well lately. The mission is going really well. And I am trying to write a whole bunch in my journal starting now until I get home so I can even have a chance to finish my fourth journal before I get home. It's the fourth and by far the biggest. I'll go write my heart out. 
If anyone wants any specific souvenirs they better tell me soon! I already have some little owls for you Mom. One little wooden one looks like a mix between an owl and a cat. I can't tell if it's good or not, haha. 
Okay, thank you in advance for the package too! I look forward to my birthday and that package. :)
Much Love
Elder Austin Bergera

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