Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello Mother it's your son Elder Berglera coming at your today on this great Saturday. You may be thinking, 'now what on earth is my son doing emailing me on Saturday rather than Monday?!' And let me lay out for you. There will be a computer specialist coming into the office here on Monday, and it has been decided that we will be here at the office all day that day. After asking President Adams, we got formal permission to do all of our 'p-day things' today on Saturday. I am sure you don't really mind getting an extra email from me today, but I must warn you that this means that you won't get an email from me on Monday. 
On a better note, my finger is doing better! We went to the doctor on thursday to get it checked out. I thought they would be going to try and pop they dang swollen thing or something, but they really just looked at it and gave me a list of medicines to take. I am a born skeptic so naturally I didn't think absolutely anything would happen. One big lesson I have learned on my mission is that I am often wrong, haha. Since I have been taking the medicine my finger has felt great! They still couldn't determine exactly what was wrong. The doctor who checked my finger out guesses that some sort of bug may have bit into it. Who knows. It feels good now though. I am even typing with it today! I haven't typed with it in over a week. I am excited to pop it and let all the pus ooze out one of these days.
Gross, I know. It's sort of satisfying too though.
I will have you all know that my journal keeping goal to write a ton is going extremely well. I am going to have so much by the time I get home.

*Birthday Countdown:*
11 days until I turn a full twenty-one years old.

I honestly don't know what else to say though. I mean, the mission is the best. I can't believe I have less than two months left now. Ever since I got into this area back in February time has just flew by. I feel like all I ever talk about is how fast time goes.
I have attached some random pictures I have taken this past month.
One is Elder Aloi petting some dogs.
Another is a member we found from Tamatave one day who just randomly decided to come with us and help us.
The other is Elder Lambson who went home last month. 

And that's all [he] wrote.

Elder Austin James Bergera

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