Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello Mom!
Well you know, life is going pretty good. 
I'm still here in good ol' Betongolo, and I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if I were here 'til the end. Things here are going very well too. You have no idea how much I love working here in a ward! I will hit five months of working here this month, and even though we haven't seen an amazing number of baptisms, the members here are the best. They know so much about the church compared to.. well.. all the other places I've worked, haha. In our ward here now we have two young men who just received their calls as well! One is going to the Ivory Coast, and the other to a country called Benin, which is located pretty close to Ivory Coast. Both of these countries speak french, which is the second language here so they'll do fine. Work is going pretty well, although it has been building slowly. We've been trying to visit all of the members that we know of in our 'new' area, and that's been going well.
Other than that, everything else has been going pretty well too. Now I don't mean to be all boring, but it's true. I will be making banana bread tonight. 
One of our new elders here is apparently the beat boxing champion of Tahiti. We've done some beatboxing together and guess what? I impressed him! How great is that? Now i wouldn't say I have necessarily been practicing my beat boxing a whole lot here on my mission, but I've gotten better for sure. i don't know what to thank for that. It's hardly on my list of proselyting activities. Elder Lee Chip Soa and I have been tearing it up though on the few occasions we have met. Cool.
Just to answer your question to our mode of transportation to Disneyland, "Just curious, would you rather fly or drive?" I would thus answer whichever is more cost effective. I don't know about renting one car out for all of us like we did last time though.. but even so I will happily go. 
Anywho, thank you in advance for the birthday package which you will/did send. I can't believe I will be 21 years old in just a matter of weeks. Time goes by so fast!!

I love you and i hope you have a great week!

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