Thursday, November 29, 2012


So we've had another week come and go here. And this one was a doozy!
Last night we had transfer news, but absolutely no change here. Elder Fox and I will be likely together for Christmas!
The rain hasn't quite started yet. I have come to a reasonable conclusion however. I will never come back to the house dry while I am here in Mahajanga. I expect before too long for the rain to start making it's way, but as for now it is just sweat. Hopefully the rain will cool things off, as the people truly say it does. As I think back to the last rainy season, it honestly feels like a lifetime away. Being so new down there in Antsirabe.. it definitely feels like it's been a while. Although I still don't feel even close to being as mahay teny gasy as I want to be, I can see a huge difference now. I understand people a lot better now a days, but it's kind of funny too. I feel like the more and more you know a language, the greater you realize how much you DON'T know, haha. You kind of notice how much you don't sound like a local... haha. It's way good though. I love learning Malagasy, even though it has been the most humbling thing I have ever done. Sometimes I wonder if the human brain can ever handle the amount of words you could learn in this language. I suppose could though, you just have to work hard I guess. 
Long story short, Malagasy is fun. 
This week has been nice. Our plan to eat hamburgers and ice cream for Thanksgiving worked out well. I even had the man at this here cyber download the Thomas S. Monson movie onto a dvd for me, and we watched that as we ate. The hamburgers were lovely, and the ice cream even more so. I also re-learned of the amazement of the man Thomas S Monson . He was called as Bishop at age 22! I probably knew that before, but I forgot, and now that I am at the ripe age of 20, this fact has gained much new shock. I couldn't imagine being a bishop over a ward of over 1,000 members two years from now. Not only that, but he took that call and magnified it to the max. If that call had been ants, they would've been burned under the hot sun. That's how much he magnified it. He truly is on the Lord's Errand. I invite anyone who has one hour of free time to go and watch this movie on the church website. You'll learn the greatness of our living prophet! 
Other than this though, there really is tsisy vaovao. A missionary recently returned from his mission from South Africa here in Mahajanga. He started speaking to me in English the other day while we were teaching English Class, and I thought, "wow, this guy is pretty good!" Then another member said he had just returned from his mission, and he is a brand new ex-missionary, haha. While he gave a little testimony during Sacrament Meeting, he kept switching to english on accident. Some people thought he was just joking around, but I am not sure. I imagined myself doing that in my homecoming talk, but with Malagasy. It seems like a good idea. I might do it. 
Patrice and Janet came to church yesterday, which I was waaay happy to see. That was the first time Janet has come, and it sure made me happy. They are the parents of a recent convert girl that got baptized back in October. 
I don't know how time goes so fast in these emailing sessions. I will try out something new this week to try and get so I will write more next week. We'll see if it works.
Thank you for everything!
All for one and one for all!

I'll be back in December...

Bergera, Elder

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