Monday, February 6, 2012

Awwww.... dang. All that talk of superbowl food has gotten my stomach churning! Cookies, spoodle, ice, pigs in blankets... american food is so good! I can't even believe it. Anyway, that's good everyone was able to come over and watch the super bowl! That sounds like a lot of fun. And i am glad cat is getting a solid workout. good for him.
The baby missionaries haven't come in yet, I think they either come in this week or next week. I am pretty sure it is this week. Transfer news comes out tonight, but i am pretty certain I am not going anywhere, haha. Mostly because we got a Malagasy companion, Elder Andrianjarasoa, so what I think is happening is that Elder Watts is leaving, and I stay with the malagasy. Which would be really good, for I could increase my malagasy quite a bit that way, and he really wants to learn english too, so it would be good all around. I won't know for sure though until tonight, so don't take my word on it! Yesterday, Andrianjarasoa and I went to Sarodroa (which is about 50 kilometers north of Antsirabe) and on the way back, we have to wait for a bus with room to pick us up. So we waited. and waited. every bus was full. After 4 hours past, the zone leaders just came and got us. But, the highlight of the story is I got to talk to him in malagasy for 4 hours. I'm a real up and come-r.
So to answer your question, yes, there are local malagasy missionaries. I have a malagasy companion. And the thing is, he came here after not liking congo, so he is really new too. It's pretty much like we are training eachother. He's a super hard studier though. He's mega diligent.
Sitraka is about 16 or 17? One of those ages. And her brother is a couple years younger, but not too much.
I am not scared of Chameleons. They are sweet and change colors and have cool eyes.
Okay, Eric has probably got me beat with that octopus and raw fish. I have eaten lots of rice though, and sometimes you find rocks or other hard things that hurt. That's pretty cool. They don't really eat that much weird stuff though. I mean sometimes the meat is kind of weird, but not that big of a deal. I've had duck, but that's not weird. I don't know, I just eat a lot of bananas. They are nice.

I am super excited for Jason! Yes! Going in to the MTC! He is going in the mtc the same day as David Archuletta. Lucky lucky guy. Go get 'em jason! I am so proud of you, my cool, cool buddy.

Anyway, I don't have too much more time. Thank you for the email! I love long emails, they are the best. I am sorry mine was not very long. Hopefully next week will be longer, yeah?
Okay, until next week!

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