Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Thank you for that great last letter! Just reading your description of how Cody's farewell all went made me feel like I was really there. I guess that's why your a writer! Thank you so much though, really. It's like you said, "I was there to represent you, so I hope you feel the love I have for you in doing that, and like you were a part of things." I thank you so much Mom for being there for me! I really do feel like I was there now, and there is nothing else I could ask for. I am really glad the funeral was able to go well and that they were able to get his body there and the funeral was able to be held in such a respectful manner. I appreciate you taking the time to do all that for me. When me and the other dudesters get back, we'll have to go and visit him and pay our respects our own way. 

I am really excited for that package to come and to get all those things you talked about. One more thing I was thinking about that would be nice to get in package is maybe some stickers I could give to kids. You have indeed been doing well to supply me with stickers, and maybe just add some more because kids love to get stickers. We've been working well with this one recently activated family lately and every time we go there they ask for a sticker, so I let them all pick one sticker and they put it on their hand. What they do with it after, well, heavens knows. It's been fun though.

With that same family as well we found out that their nine (almost ten) year old daughter hadn't been baptized, so we've also been teaching her with them these last few weeks and helping her prepare for baptism. Her name is Sariaka and she is suuuper cute, haha. It's way crazy too because I am pretty sure I wasn't as smart as she is when I was that young. I'll be baptizing her this Saturday (June 8th). We should have another couple maybe getting baptized a week from then too, but it all depends on the husbands commitment with the word of wisdom. We worked with him a lot throughout the month of May to help him, and we'll see if he can stick to it. I am really excited to see what happens with him. His name is Mo and his wife is Zoeline, so if you wanted to pray for them I won't stop you.

One more "couple" we have been working with (I use the quotation marks because I am not sure if they are for sure 'a thing' or what the deal is, haha) came to church for the first time yesterday. The man is a mid-twenty year old, and the son of a super active recent convert. His parents were baptized May 2012, so I don't know if they necessarily count as 'recent convert status' or what, but that's still pretty recent if you ask me. Anyway, their son who hadn't really shown a whole bunch of interest in the church before has been really showing a lot of interest lately. We have been teaching him with a 'friend who is a girl' for a good couple of weeks now. He always asks super deep questions, but not deep like dumb pointless deep (who created God?), but actually really good, interesting questions. We even taught them on Saturday night and we invited him to church. He straight up told us that he won't be able to come but maybe next time. Lo and behold look who walks into sacrament meeting! Esperan is his name and Tatiana is the girl. They are super cool. He was all smiles once the priesthood quorum got out, and I don't think it was because church got out, haha. 

We are going to be starting our 'office training' tomorrow, which I am actually pretty excited about. I will be in charge of booking flights and things, and so it is likely that I may be ordering my very own flight plans, haha (still no official news as to when that will be though). I did notice an Elder Morley coming from Spanish Fork though, so that's cool. He'll be getting here on September 18th, so I may or may not be here. They also have three french missionaries coming that day. Just so you know, haha. 

My toe is doing great though, so don't worry about me. It's still a little sensitive, and I don't really expect that to go away real soon, but it's not too bad. Pushing the backside of your toe feels all weird when you don't have a toenail. It feels.. unnatural. It's okay though. This is how we grow; through awkward, unnatural situations. My stomach is a-ok now though. Absolutely no problems there. And yes, we had refrigerated the roast over night, but I think we figured the problem might have been we just stuck the slow cooker pot into fridge with the lid on, and maybe that lid kept the heat in and heated the meat just long enough to spoil a bit. Who knows. That's all we could figure out and I'll buy it. 

Everything else is going well though. Just the thing about us taking over the office is the biggest gossip around these parts. I would tell you all my office duties, but hey, that's official hogwarts business. 

I am really excited for the pictures you are sending in the package. I love pictures. This little piece broke on my camera so I haven't been taking a huge amount of pictures lately, but it's all right. 

Jason's mustache is a beautiful stallion.

Thank you for everything.

Elder Bergera 

Okay, there are three:
One is me with a green moth buddy we found.
One is my toenail. Nice!
One is a picture that one kid in our english class found on facebook and printed off. This nearly flattered me but mostly just creeped me out to tell you the truth. The picture really shows off my 'bad-boy' days though.

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