Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hey Mom,
I will give you a quick low down on how this last week has gone for me:
Wednesday: I woke up with my slightly ingrown toenail a bit more swollen and sore. I called the mission nurse. I went with Elder Mitchell, a missionary we live with who has been having the same problems, and we both got our toenails ripped off. I figured that I better just get it all removed incase it grew back.
Thursday: We rested, trying to stay off our toes as much as possible. We cooked a roast in a slow cooker and had an awesome dinner.
Friday: We ate left over roast for lunch. Come dinner time I wasn't feeling too good. 9:00pm I threw up for the first time on my mission.
Saturday: 1:00am I woke up yet again and luckily our room has our own bathroom. I threw up for the second time on my mission. Felt queezy for the remainder of the day.
Sunday: I went to church and wore a shoe for the first time since wednesday. 
Today: I woke up feeling real queezy again, though I have not thrown up yet. My toe feels all right. 
Long story short, we haven't been able to get a whole lot of work done this past week, but hey, I feel like we are back on the rise. 
When we write again next week, I will be on the brim of starting my office training preparing for taking the lead here at the office. Elder Aloi and I both are preparing well and we are looking forward to all of our new duties.
I apologize if this letter is a little short but, hey, there isn't a whole lot to report on this week, haha. 
We office elders only have one computer here in the office to use currently and I was just reminded that my companion hasn't written yet. 
Also, if you ever find anything (pictures, articles, anything) about Cody, well, feel free to send them on over this way. I love to see them.
I love you Mom!
Elder Austin No-Toenail Bergera

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