Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello My Dear Mother,
Okay, so I am stuck in that one cyber I wrote to you from about a year ago now when I first came up here to Tana from Antsirabe, and it's all weird and I can't change the keyboard settings from French to English, so this letter is being filled with the process of backspacing all over the place, so please excuse me if it is not terribly long.
To tell you the truth though, this cyber is a 'gaming' cyber so everyone is all playing their different computer games of all the differents sorts. I have definitely changed on my mission so far, haha, cause all these games being played doesn't make me trunky at all; but rather i only think about how much time these dudes are wasting just clicking their days away. I can't promise i'll never play video games again, ha, but there is definitely more important things to do.
I have not yet email in the office though, no, for we are usually out and about all day so we just go around and email at different cybers and places. I imagine I'll do it sometime before too long; but whatevs. Who knows? This guy sitting next to me is totally reading this letter as I type it, so we'll see if he's good at English even.
We had another radical week out here on the mission though. We are trying hard to work with members and build nice strong relationships with them and really get the work going well that way. We found a half less active member family this last week who we will actually be helping them hold perhaps their first family home evening, so i'm pretty stoked on that. This work only really goes as well as the members are willing to put into it, so we are excited for this great potential.
As far as things with my new french companion, things are awesome. Elder Mocellin is such a good guy, and he's way funny too. I already told you about that thing he said last week, and so here's something new. we actually just finished eating at a really nice american style restaurant called Cookie Shop (which they actually raised their price and lowered their quality since i've been in mahajanga... bummer). He ordered a sandwich with chips, and when the chips came he said, ''i forgot, i don't like chips.'' hahaha he's such a goof! Then when his apple cinnamon muffin came for dessert, he said again, ''oh i forgot, I don't like cinnamon.'' Talk about LOL!
We had a stake conference this past weekend too! I work in the same stake I was in when I worked back in Sabotsy Namehana, so I got the grteat blessing of seeing some of the sweet members i worked with while I was down there. I got to see Gino, my third companion here in madagascar, and one lady i had taught the entire time i worked there. I hadn't thought it had been all that long since I had worked there, but once i saw all these people again, the six months that had passed felt like it had actually been a while. I felt way loved by all the people and I felt really good about the work I had done there. The whole time I looked for Kong Yen and Etienne though, just really hoping I could see them again. After the Conference ended I got my wish! They held a little fifteen minute program for all the Recent Converts who had been baptized in the past year, and sure enough they showed up! The actually conference was held on all three floors of the church building we met in, so I couldn't see them at the beginning. The minute I saw ol' Kong Yen he just said with big shock on his face, ''Ahhh!! Bergera!!!'' haha I loved it so much! They are soooo cool! During the program Elder Cook asked who had callings and I carefully looked back to where they were sitting. Sure enough they both had their arms raised high and I felt so good that they were still doing well and staying strong.
Elder Cook (from the Seventy) gave such an awesome talk though. I think I told you about him right before I left for Mahajanga when he came here and talked to all of us missionaries. He's such a good guy. He just makes the gospel seem so happy you can't help but just smile as you listened to him.
All right, I was really planning to send y'alls some pictures, but this cyber is all weird and they have the CPUs tucked away in this remote weird box so I can't connect the usb to it, but we'll get some pictures sent soon.
These gamer dudes have some metal playing upstairs and it's the gnarliest music i've heard in a long time, haha.
I think this letter is quite juicy though, albeit no pictures.
I'll catch you on the next round!
Elder Burglera

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