Monday, March 18, 2013

First and foremostly, I have not received your package yet. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there could have been much worse news than that so I don't feel too bad, haha. They may be going to pick up packages tomorrow, so if that happens to work out, and if it happens to be there, then I will let you know. Packages don't actually get directly sent here, but to a mail station, then we must pick them up from there. It's all complicated and whathaveyou but don't worry. We'll get the package. 
I'm doing well though! I had the opportunity to have a meeting with ol' Mr. Clutchy several times this past week, and I would say we are in business! The mastery of the shift will take some times, sure, but I think we have pretty much got the jist of things in the bag. It feels good. This narrow roaded, zero traffic ruled, windy laned streets of Antananarivo weren't the most ideal place to learn, but hey, it trained me well. As far as any other 'Office Duties' I have had.. well, I would say that was it. Not much else going on besides that. 
You asked if I had been learning any French, which I would pretty much say no, not really. We talk about our languages a lot and I pick up little facts and tips here and there, but I would say he has learned more from me than I from him. We were talking today though and I am convinced that I need to seriously take advantage of this time of being with some who speaks french and try to learn a little bit. We have a basic french understanding book at the house, so I suppose I'll give that a read through. I don't know how fluent I will be, but I suppose a little crash course wouldn't hurt; and I would say now is the best time to do it. Yes, it is starting to slightly depress me that I will never be able to use what I have learned in Malagasy when I get home (on a serious level), but hey, it is way fun. I would be way down to stop by at the MTC and help the new elders to teach and speak, but I don't know if I would ever want to work there. 
I am really excited for the upcoming General Conference! This may be the first time I will be watching it in English, so that sure is something to get excited about. The prospect of not getting a headache sounds nice, haha. As much as I love Malagasy, I think General Conference is something you need to watch in your native tongue.
Speaking of tongues, we sort of taught some people from Comoros this last week. We contacted into them while I was on spilts with one of the A.P.s, and then we came back for a follow-up this last Saturday. The thing is, they don't speak Malagasy at all. I mean one wasn't bad, but the majority couldn't say more than 'za tsy mahay teny gasy' for the life of them. My companion talked to them for a bit in French, and scheduled a better time to come back. They were actually having a big crazy Comorian party with all the Comorians living around here. The Comorian language is way crazy too. I don't understand any of it. I learned how to greet in Comorian while I was in Mahajanga though, so I totally pulled that out on them and they loved it. So sick.
All righty, so we've got three pictures in the mix:
The first is me on my last night in Mahajanga. I am looking way tan and almost black, which I think is just my mark of serving in a heat pot for so long. I think I've already lost a lot of that nice bronze skin, but we can always look back and remember.... aaaah.
The second is me on my last p-day in Mahajanga. We went to a place called the 'Red Circus' which included such natural beauties as these babies you can see. Real nice. You can see our tour guide sitting right next to me as well. She really knew where she was going.
The third (and last) is of me and my old companion Elder Andrianjarasoa. We were companions one whole year ago, and I saw him for the first time in eleven months at a Zone Conference last week. Seeing him again just reminded me of being so new back in Antsirabe a year ago.. haha.. oh the memories. 
I think that'll about do it for this time. 
I'll get a nice photo of me and my current companion this week for you to all see.
Stay sweet.
Elder Bergera and the Chamber of Secrets

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