Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello Family and Friends!
Hello Hello Hello! 
When Malagasies answer phones, they say 'hallo?' haha. It's like they are speaking english and they don't even know it.
Hm.. I really don't quite know what to say today.
Last week we have tried to sort out the people who are really trying to progress and come close to God, and the people who just.. well sort of say so. I actually read a really good talk about this sort of thing in the November 2007 Conference Issue Ensign this past week. The talked titled 'Do It Now' spoke mostly about procrastination and laziness. The speaker talked about how those two things are the attributes that slow down and block mankind the most from really pursuing excellence. We all have so much potential within us, each and every one, yet there is that little tick that tocks inside us that prevents us from really magnifying that potenial. If we were to really buckle down and do then we could do miracles. We'd reach places we never would've expected to be. Raging rivers of opportunties could flow to us at immense speeds; crashing with turbulent success and experience. 
And yet, the coo-coo clock of idleness seems to tick tock its way into us all.
That's the most disappointing thing I have seen on my mission so far. Way cool families who could benefit so much to what the church has for them. People who are latching on to worldly things because they don't quite know what else is in store for them. People who feel the spirit during lessons and even sometimes tell us that they know the church is true, yet they lack the umph to come to church and really dive in to the whole experience. I know it can be scary at times, getting into something new (especially about one year ago this month, I knew that quite well), but God has such cool things in store for us all, you know? We just have to put trust in Him, and do. 
I can't believe how much time I used to just waste before in my hip teenage days, haha. It's crazy wack. 
Maybe that's just 'missionary me' and I'll be all hip and lazy again someday.. haha. Who knows. 
Other than that schpeel, I don't know what to say.. haha. I got all talking a lot again. 
I've been studying some Conference talks a lot lately, and just trying to get all prepared for conference. It looks like I will likely not be watching conference in English.. again, but I expect my Malagasy comprehension has improved this past six months, so we'll see. It'll probably still be about 3 weeks until we get it anyway too.

I just want to give a shout out to my good ol' friends Reggie Brody and Mathis Trent. They'll be hitting their year marks soon, so rah rah roo to that! And don't worry Helper and Doug, you'll get there soon. 


Elder Bargara

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