Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dear Mother,

I am pretty sure you can still send pictures. I don't know why it didn't let you before, maybe there were too many or it was just being a silly dumb computer, but yes, you can still send pictures, for Chelsie sent me one this week. Maybe just try it twelve more times or something. I don't know. I don't know much about computers anymore, haha. My knowledge is already ancient, the way technology moves these days.

So due to popular request, I am including some pictures for you all to enjoy and look at.

#1 - Okay, I don't remember the order, but one of them is a picture of a house and some boats by the water. This picture is part one of an unfinished two part series. This picture shows the 'high tide' of it all. I think it actually gets a bit higher than this, but this is pretty high. I'll get a picture of low tide. It's pretty cool stuff, except when this is the path that leads to your investigators house. It pretty fun though, just one of those extreme nature phenomonons (i don't know how to spell that anymore). Tides are like turtle tsunamis.

#2 - A baobab tree. These are pretty common here, but they are a different type of the ones you may see in Madagascar Advertisments. There is a huge old fat baobab here that I will most likely get a picture with one of these days, so look out for that.

#3 - I added a picture of Elder Fox and I on our year marks. It's way weird that I've been out here a year now. The actual yearmark was really just another day of work actually, but still a little weird floaty feeling that mark the day's uniqueness wifted the day. I tried to make the picture match the one I sent home to you guys last year, so you can see how much different I look now, haha. My hair made me look really young back when I first got to the mtc. It's all good though now. I am a man.

#4 - Here we see a few missionaries walking their way to the ocean for the baptism last Saturday (the 13th). My companion Elder Kovacs walks along with Elder Hansen on the hot sand down to the shore. Baptisms are cool.

#5 - I attached also a cool picture of me sitting in front of a cool tree. This also took place on my year mark.I found out yesterday that I will be watching conference this weekend, so pray that I'll be able to focus to malagasy enough to get some good messages. I am not as worried this time as I was six months ago though.Anyway though, things are good. I love you all. I'll try and write more next week!

Elder Cruise Control Bergera

Here is a picture my companion Elder Kovacs took last week. We walked down a path as a school got out, and this is what followed, haha.

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