Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am glad you saw my matureness in how I wrote last week despite of nothing to reply to. Quite mature of me indeed. 
Haha I talked to a Malagasy lady last week who said she could read and write english very well, but just had trouble speaking. She wanted to practice speaking more. I invited her to come to our english class that we teach every saturday. She kept repeating, "Thank you very much indeed." haha. 
Oh yeah, you know that one email you tried sending with pictures? Well I got the email, but it didn't come with any pictures attached, but I appreciate the thought behind it. That's what truly matters.
I will try really hard to take lots of good pictures this next week and get some real good ones for next week, okay?
This will be a good week anyway. It's like you said, I will be hitting the noon of my mission. Pretty cool stuff. Pretty weird stuff. It goes by so fast and so slow, haha. It's good though.
That new age thing is way weird, but good I suppose. It'll get people right out after their missions, and quit lollygagging. I think it's especially good for the sisters. 21 is a long time to wait for a mission, haha. 
Okay, quick answer sesh:
1. It is not yet rainy season, so it is not rainy yet. It'll start next month and go through until April-ish. Way fun.
2. The sun sets at about 6:30, so yeah, I get to see the stars everynight.
3. I don't know what the southern cross looks like, though I would like to. Help?
4. Taylor Workman has another kid! ahaha cool! Okay, that wasn't really a question, but that's way cool. Good for him. I'm proud.
5. New things in my area? Well I hear the muslims praying about 5 times a day, but that's not new. This town was settled in by Arabs of some sort, so there is a muslim background. Kind of a cool cultural thing.

But I have to go now, but I promise to get lots of sweet pics you and a nice juicy email. Mmmmmmm.

I love you all, thank you for the letters and love.

Elder Austin "Back When I Started My Mission, You Had to Be 19" Bergera

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