Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here I am again!
I am stuck using a french keyboard again... but maybe that is a good thing. Maybe this way I will be able to get used to it, then not even have to worry about switching it ever again. Let's hope so. I will give you a run down of the differences: the 'a' and 'q' keys are switched, along with the 'w' and 'z' keys. You have to push shift to get to the period. The 4 key is the ' key. The 'm' key is on the right hand pinky too, and that's about all the differences really; just enough differences to bug you.
I haven't gotten any packages yet, but I havent gone to the office yet, so let's hope they came :3
This ward isn't bigger than the last one, it's actually smaller. The area is the in the northern part of the Tana city (Tana = Antananarivo), and as I understand it, the area opened up only a few years ago, so it doesn't have a big base yet, but the members are super cool. Yesterday we had about fifty people to church; so no it's not too big, but I am going to get those numbers up! One of the biggest differences with this area compared to my area before is having to ride the Taxi Bes. A taxi be is a small, bus-ish type vehicle were they pack people into to get as many people in as they can. There are usually about five rows of seats, with an isle running down the middle. when things get really full, you pull out this little seat, or grab a plank of wood and set it in between the seats, creating your new seat. All nice and squishy too. Misy miala.
The investigators in this area are really cool too. There are these cool two teenage guys who we are teaching right now. They are way cool. I guess they had long hair before, but now they are all bro'n with rat tails and all the new boy-y rage going on. My companion thinks they need to get hair cuts and start looking proper, but I think they are looking cool. They should be getting baptized soon though.
I don't really have too much to say this week though, just basically getting used to the area and getting it all together.
Keep it on the easy!
I love you all.

Elder Smelder

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