Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey Mom! So I have some news:
I got transferred! haha last monday we got the transfer news; and now
here I am in the middle of this mountain of a city called
Antananarivo. If you want to know the name of the area that I am in;
it's Sabotsy Namehana. Now I don't know if it was the living in the
relatively small town of Antsirabe or what; but this city just seems
so big to me now. I can't even believe it. For example, i counted a
building that had about 20 stories on it the other day; and that just
seems crazy to me now. mad crazy. This tana place gives me culture
shock sometimes.
The other day though, after our planning session, we went to this
pizza place down the street, casa pizza, and guess what? thier pizza
had sauce on it! usually pizzas here don't, but they totally did. and
you won't believe whats next; they had donuts too. good donuts.
legitiment donuts. I bought two of the little sweeties.
I got to go up to the office again too, which i haven't been to for
about four months, so that was way sweet. Bad news though, I still
haven't gotten the cookies. Don't worry though, I am sure they are
well on their way... maybe.
Dang; typing this message is super hard. Usually down in Antsirabe I
would just change the keyboard to an American keyboard; but this cyber
which i am at doesn't have that option dang it. So now i am stuck on a
french keyboard and it is suuper annoying. Most of the missionaries
here have just switched over by only using the french one; therefore
becoming used to it. I never wanted to before because it is way
annoying, at least for the first few times; but I guess i will try to
do it now. Seriously though, it's way annoying.
So yes, my new companion. His name is Elder Raoilson, and yeah, he is
Malagasy! I have another malagasy companion! woooo! but rather than
like my first one; he is almost finished with his mission. he finishes
in June, so I will most likely be his last companion. He is good at
english too. He says he didn't really know any before; but has just
picked it up through working with us white-ys, which is pretty
Our ward is pretty cool, and I got to bear my testimony yesterday. I
am pretty sure that's the customary thing to do when you are new to a
ward. So I got up and did it. I'll tell you the truth, it was way
easier than when I did it back in December haha. My companion said my
accent sounded pretty good; so sweet. You asked how I was doing with
the language, and all i would say is that I am still learning
Oh yes, before I forget, when the new conference addition of the
Ensign comes out, I very want you to send me a copy, okay? I have read
that addition you sent me in the MTC a lot, and I love it. I also
found the edition to the session before that; so now I have a little
collection of conference additions and I love them.
Oh yeah, I saw that Elder Swindle you were talking about. Him and his
group came in last week. I recognized him from school, he was a year
younger than me, but I didn't know him too well. When I saw him, he
told me the last time he saw me my hair "was like *and then he made a
hand gesture at about shoulder length*" and i said "funny seeing you
here." It was nice.
But if you caught that, that now means there are two groups behind me
now. I am getting old.
So i tried to add more pictures but this compĆ¹ter is weird, so just
one for now. But this is a picture of a really cool family down in
Antsirabe, and if you notice that little fellow there on the left, you
might see his face preaching the gospel around SLC before too long!
well i think that about does it; i've grown tired of having to fix my
keyboard mistakes.
I'll see you next week! I love you all!

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