Monday, May 7, 2012

Dearest Mother - I am quite well. So I have good news! I got your package! I picked it up last Monday right after I email you. I just want to thank you and Brittany and Chelsie for those wonderful cookies! They were way good. The one 'butter button' ones had a tiny bit of mold on them, I think it was because the cookies themselves are a bit moist in nature, but don't worry, they tasted fine anyway. So here is a lesson you can learn from this: you don't need to hesitate if you want to send me a package. It'll most likely get here, even if it takes a while, no big deal :) and yeah, we are fairly close to the mission home, we can get there in about a half hour by bus if we needed to, and we've been going at least once on p-day for these past few p-days.
Antananarivo is a pretty big town, definitely more than a million people here, and size wise, it's big. I think there are a little more than 30 missionaries here in Tana. There are two different zones, which means two different sets of zone leaders. As of what town I could compare it to up there, I don't know. It's just big. Not like huge buildings or anything, that's not what it's like here, just a lot of hills with a lot of... stuff. just things, everywhere. I think the best way to understand would just be to be here, really. The roads are tiny and the cars are many. And the people are many-er (i mean there are a lot of people).
We had a baptism on saturday! Those two teenage kids I talked about last week got baptized, along with a members kid who was 10 years old who hadnt been baptized yet for some reason. anyway, the baptism went really well. the baptismal font here is way better than the one in Antsirabe. Still a tarp in a metal cage, but there arent any holes in this one and the cage is nice and sturdy. Then yesterday, my companion did the confermations, and wow. He said that they would be going out and preaching the gospel on their own, and when he said that I just felt the spirit super stongly. He also said how one day they would get sealed to their families in the temple, and I know that anyone can just say these things, but when he said them in the prayer I just felt the spirit so strongly, like it would happen. so yeah, it was a good baptism.
That was the highlight of the week, I think.
I also went to a magical place called Score Jumbo last week. Wow. I was scared. You see, score jumbo is like wal-mart, execpt probably not as nice, but to me, a thousand times nicer. I freaked out, it was so big. Of course, it doesn't have like american stuff all up in there, but it has nice things. Like, i bought apple sauce last week. What a treat! And doritos too, which were kind of expensive but no big deal. Seriously though, I felt scared and slightly intimidated the whole time, for I haven't been in a place like that for a while. I didn't think they existed here. Going back to America is going to scare me.
But yes, I think that is about it. The days go slow sometimes, the weeks go fast, the months seem to go faster.
I think that's about it.
I love you all!

Elder "manao ny solomasoko amin'ny alina"

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