Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank you for the laundry bags! I actually got a little hamper thing from this kid last week who was leaving and didn't have room for it. I can be quite resourceful when I need to be. And the game you were thinking of was quidditch, best wizarding sport in the world. That's pretty crazy about Ghadifi! He was just hanging out in a ditch? He shouldn't be playing ditch games in the middle of a war! What a goof ball. And that's pretty cool with Abby being able to wave and all, it's crazy! You better tell me once she is able to walk!
This week has been pretty good, and looking back on it, has gone by pretty fast! A LOOOT easier than the first week, that's for sure! I think once you get into the grove of it all, and find your place amongst all of it, you're good to go! I just hope that theology will last the duriation of my time here. Seeing all the new kids sure was fun, though I didn't haze them as I would've wanted. It didn't seem right. Here I am, an Elder for a week, trying to taunt newbies? Yeah, I should've. We get in a new load tomorrow, so we'll just see what happens. haha nah, I'll probably just say 'welcome' in malagasy and freak them out by making them hear a language they've never heard before. That's what happended to me.
Malagasy is coming along, slowly. I know how to say things now, which is good. The trouble is, when we have to teach our progressing investigators, I know what I want to say and how I can help the guy, but I just don't know how to say it! It's tough! I figure that will just come with time and practice as well. The language actually makes a lot of sense, the way the words are created and formed to make verbs and such. So really, I don't have it all too bad. Just lots and lots of practice.
I've come to the conclusion that p-day is basically the best day ever and that no day on the outside can come close to how great it feels to have a p-day as a missionary. The smell of fresh clean clothes, wearing jeans, writing letters, temple sessions. The best.
Last tuesday night, guess who came to speak at the devotional??? Richard G. Scott! We got to listen to an apostle speak; up close too! We got the word early, so we were sure to be in the line real quick. You see, apostle gossip spreads quietly and surreptitiously around here, and all you can do is hope you can receive the message in time. And we got it in time!! The rumor is that he usually stays and shakes EVERY missionaries hand, but he told us he couldn't stay and do that this time, which was all good. He's an important man! He raised his arm in the arm and made a shaking motion saying "consider yourselves virtually shook." haha
Well, time keeps ticking and I keep learning here at the mtc. Tomorrow I will start my third week here, and will thus be closer to entering the actual mission field. All the English elders who entered the same day we did will be leaving next week, which is pretty sad because we grown pretty close to a group of them who live in our hall and are in our branch. One of the kids, Elder Cox, is super cool. We have beat box sessions sometimes and it's super fun. Everyone loves it.
Plus, that means chase will be leaving too. I see him every now and again, and I usually see Eric pretty often. It's nice seeing them! Blake Meservy will be here before too long! ahahaa I can't wait! I hope I'll see him around!
Well, take it easy! I hope you have a good week!
Okay, Veloma is pronounced vel-o-ma and misoatra means thank you! me-so-cha

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