Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Drop Off...

We dropped Austin off at the MTC today. It's still pretty surreal and just hard to imagine that I wont see him again for 2 years. I still remember my mom bringing him home from the hospital, lol. The last 19 years went by in the blink of an eye, and now my baby brother is a missionary. Just can't explain how proud of him I am.

Austin skateboarding his last time for two years!

We had a small lunch for Austin at Los Hermanos before we dropped him off. The food was good and the company was great but we were all a little anxious about dropping Austin off. This is all new to my family and we've got the first-timers jitters I guess. Excited and nervous and just everything all mixed into one.

Abby is sure gonna miss her uncle!

Austin says goodbye to his brother-in-law Matt

After lunch we had a few minutes to kill so we went to the Provo Temple and took a few photos...

Well whether we all liked it or not it was time to drop Austin off. We went over to the MTC and said our goodbyes, of course we all had to give Austin one last hug which was far too bitter-sweet.

So very, very proud of him and just can't wait for him to get back home!! We love ya so much Elder Austin James Bergera, onward ever onward!

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